• top dog

    I cheated so I won't answer.

  • poop

    very cool

  • Ryan White

    1) the cars
    2) radio head
    3)the doors
    4) queen
    6) kiss
    7) the who
    i see other shit on there but i'm too lazy tool, led zep, flaming lipswhite stripes, gorillaz, red hot chilli peppers, ah i'm lazy

    • chuck

      number one is the Beatles you ass hat

      • satjoy

        actually it's The Beatle since there is only one…

      • Ryan White

        whoopdi fuckin' do

  • fuckyourface

    shit sucks

  • defrostynating

    The Knife in a chive post!? that is so awesome!

    • McBeastie

      I guessed Shonen Knife…that would have been cooler.

  • BongPimper


  • dingus

    Will I get half a point for Band-Aid instead of The Cure??

  • chrisdg74

    1.The Cars. 2 Radiohead. 3.The Doors. 4. Queen. 6. Kiss. 7. The Who. 8. Muse. 9. Chemical Brothers. 10. Iron Maiden 11. Gorillaz.
    12. Sex Pistols. 13. Rolling Stones. 14. Smashing Pumpkins. 15. The Stooges(Iggy Pop). 16.The White Stripes. 17. The Flaming Lips. 29. Led Zepplin. 30. Deep Purple. ? 33. The Pixies. 34. Red Hot Chili Peppers. 35. Arcade Fire. 41. The Great Divide. 46. Tool
    I give up. My brain hurts.

    • mipo2010

      If i could give you more thumbs up I would

  • equalizermax

    I want to see boobs not ask me to guess something…

    • David Burkinshaw


  • Anonymous

    1 Is quite obviously The Beatles

  • Anonymous

    1 The Beatles
    2 Radiohead
    3 The Doors
    4 Queen
    6 Kiss
    8 The Harpies ?
    12 Sex Pistols
    14 Smaishing Pumpkins
    15 Three Stooges?
    16 White Stripes
    17 Flaming Lips
    23 Crash
    27 Led Zeppelin
    31 The Pixies
    32 Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    35 Nine Inch Nails
    41 Coldplay
    44 Tool
    45 The Scorpions

  • Cake is a Lie

    Beatles, Radio Head, The Doors, Queen, ?, Kiss, The Who, Muse, Chemical Bros, ?, Gorillaz, sex pistols (haha), rolling stones, smashing pumpkins, ?, white stripes, flaming lips, pink floyd, pearl jam, black sabbath, REM, spoon, and Im now bored – on to look at some boobs.

  • asdasd


  • Rick

    i got like 15 out of well however many.

  • Alex Marinescu

    I got 23. I wouldn't have recognized some of them however hard had I tried.

  • Pekito

    Originally, you had to submit your answers to the source blog, and whoever got all right, would win a poster of that pic, plus the right to plug any band he/she wanted to appear in the last space, I wonder who won? I missed Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, AC/DC and Coldplay.

  • Too Tired

    Last one is Judas Priest.

  • satjoy

    hey where are Oingo Boingo, Jamiroquai, and Kajagoogoo?


  • sloop

    number 5 is just silly. it looks like an extreme close-up of a taint. which …is unsettling, at best.

  • Qwerty

    as for now, i feel pretty awesome in that i named all of them, except for queens(i thought it was a parachute)

    • jesssiika

      i dont beleive u!

  • Bob

    I was doing this wrong. I thought it was album cover images.

  • Rob

    16 out of 48 not to good.

  • Harry Johnson

    King Crimson reference, win.

  • jesssiika

    1- The Cars (wrong)
    2- Radio Head
    3- the Doors
    4- Queen

    6- KISS
    7- The Who

    9- Iron Maiden?
    10- Gorrilaz
    11- Rolling Stones
    12- LA Guns (wrong)
    13- Smashing Pumpkins!

    16- Flaming Lips
    17- Deep Purple
    31- ..or Queen? (wrong)

    34- Red Hot Chili Peppers ?

    27- Nine Inch Nails

    44- Push Play (wrong)
    46- Tool
    49- Scorpions

    ….i am sooooooo redoing this! x)

  • Outdoor Femdom

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