Skin deeper tattoos (15 photos)

  • humbug

    2nd last

  • femtrooper

    Nifty, I'd like to see some steampunk versions, although 9's pretty close I suppose.

    • jamie

      there is not nearly enough steampunk in the world !

  • Amanda

    The first one is sweet, the rest belong in a douchebag post.

    • Clickawhat

      You belong in a douchbag post. Ohhhh snap !

    • lonin

      I wouldn't complain if the first girl was the whole gallery.

  • randyjackson

    #1's got her nippys pierced…look closely!

  • Semper

    of your graduating class to lose your virginity

    • ericvdm

      uuhhhm yeah i think that might actually be true. but it is lost nonetheless

      • Spencer Thomson


  • stafferty

    I like but, but I'm afraid that in a few years they are going to wind up being the new "tribal band" and barbed wire tattoos.

  • Skedaddle

    Not interesting in the least. Sorry.

  • equalizermax

    Wait till you grow old…

  • maynard

    oh wait…they're humans…wow I was fooled, I thought it was a honest to god cyborg post!

  • Pixle

    yes! more tattoo posts, Chive, but next time with sexy girls. :]

    • sanji


  • Jimmy

    #9 is awesome

  • Sizzle

    Cool, but still a whole lotta ugly on your skin. You know that shit's permanent, right?

  • llama beans

    All of these people are idiots. To me, these tattoed people are as douschy as the douschebags you make fun of on here with their greased up hair and orange spray tans. All of them are trying too hard to get some kind of attention.
    Go away.


      DICTIONARY…see "douche". Not sure what this dousche you speak of is?

    • Sarah

      Your really obnoxious.

  • HardCore Mike

    It's called 'tear through'.

  • HAL

    I. Am. A. Robot…….Beep.

  • McBeastie

    Cyberdorks. Robococks. 6 Million Dollar Douchebags.

  • BloodScrubber

    Age and Rust. Will it ever end.

  • Juc

    #2 coul be a photobomb

  • kitkat49601

    I have an 18" rod in my right leg, and plates in my left…so you're saying it would look cool to tattoo them on the outside? I have enough surgery scars on my legs now from all the surgeries. No thanks!! I'll pass! lol

  • huh

    Um, yeah sure. But…why?

  • Mr. Topp and the Big Bad Blog » Tattoo Number Nine

    […] View #2 from under the skin, cyborg edition. Found at the Chive. […]

  • yup

    #1 was epic, way better than the rest

  • Katie

    Why do people want to be machines?

  • xXZOAXx

    most of them pretty good, the first….DAMN!!!! perfect ink for a beautiful girl…and fuck everyone here that's talking shit about ink, shut the fuck up!!!!! Tattoos are keys to imagination, they express ideas, beliefs, and and art…and yes they fucking know its permanent, god damn, this is beautiful art man, leave it be…

  • Melanie P.

    LOVE the clarity and detail in #4!!
    And as for #8… I was too distracted by his gorgeous body to even notice the tat! 😉

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