You asked for more Gabriella Grecco. Wish granted (35 Photos)

Yesterday, my brother Leo posted a gallery titled 'Sexy As Heeelllllll'. If you haven't had the pleasure, click here. After it was posted, we received nearly 100 emails asked for 'MOAR #5'. One of our most ruggedly handsome Chivers, Charles Abbott, came through with a name and a number of photos you see here.
Which brings me to the point. If you take the initiative to send us a bunch of photos of hot chicks via out handy-dandy upload page, chances are much greater that we'll do it. Despite rumors of interns, I still field all of the emails you guys send. So keep the suggestions coming but don't be shy, send us the goods!

Chive on and Happy Friday,

ps - 'Sexy Chivers' goes live in 2 hours. This week I'm pretty sure we're going to break the internet in half.

  • babymistakes

    Dig those freckles. And that beautiful heiny.

    • Benny

      Oh my god the freckles!

  • B-Rad

    Put together 3 parts HOT, 2 parts CUTE, and 3 parts SEXY – Wrap loosely in flannel and lock the bedroom door all weekend. Oh…and don't forget to order take-out. That girl is yummy on multiple fronts.

    • its_forge

      and backs

  • mattythegooch

    To the windows…… the walls…………..

    Nice, looks like my type of surfer girl.


    Take notes ladies…that is what a real woman looks like!
    No stupid duckface
    Not too much makeup
    No fake ass spray tan
    mmmm hmmmm

  • theone

    what a babe this made part of my day need more please to complete my day and again she is gorgeous good goob chive!!

    • top dog

      Say what????

  • HardCore Mike

    She has that certain.. I DUNNO WHAT!

  • Benjamin Dennison

    I'm sorry chive, I couldn't wait, I googled her yesterday 😦 It'll never happen again

  • injekter

    that hurt me

  • Tommy Salami

    I would tear that ass to oblivion…

  • Frito_Pants

    And just think…somewhere in the world there's probably a guy who's actually tired of hitting that.

  • Ron Mexico

    Holy balls are tingling just looking at her!

  • Tony

    why did she get her own thread?

  • SpRoUsA


  • top dog

    Nice ass.

  • thetech2


  • Miniature China man

    I love the freckles…she is sexy as hell.

  • Jack

    Yes she is, pretty FLYY…Pretty much all of the pics are great, We know alll know that "s hard to do!!!!!!!!

  • gman

    She has a nice ass!!!

  • BOOM
  • BloodScrubber

    Awesome gluteous maximus.

  • edocol

    sweet. she looks a bit like Poppy Montgomery.

  • Ben

    Those freckles just kill me.

  • dude

    skank. Fea latina

  • Jarvis

    Santa madre de DIOS!!!!!!

  • Edwin Arellano

    best ones were #6 and 7

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