Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • mipo2010

    Things better than boobs…More boobs!!

    And nobody fucks with the Jesus

  • Frank

    #34 – I LOVE YOU.

  • Xeteh

    #27 nickname Kabuki Bimbo

    • Taylor Blissett

      nickname Ultra Whore

    • Elliot Smith


    • Sarah

      Was kinda thinking Hell-Girl
      How did she get the courage to go out in public? (Unless of course it was for halloween)

    • Dave

      ANTICHRISTina Aguilera

    • Poot

      Can't we just kill her and not worry about a nickname?

  • Darksoul

    Please keep the chive Internet disease free. And another humble suggestion if I want to see hot half naked women I'd go to the million of sites that focus on that. But I'd rather see them naked so I go…some place else. Having hot chivers is nice and all, but I don't think any of them pay for the ludicrous free publicity they get here; that is the ones that actually want publicity.

    TLDR? thumbs down for speaking my mind —————->
    (that seems to reel in the thumbs)

    • waryee

      go away then…

      • kater

        f u then
        it's not the point here, but you're too simple to understand that, right?

    • kater

      never feat a thumb down, as it's not what actually makes your post worth reading. on the contrary, in a world of sheep, brainwashed morons and web simpletons, it is so much more important to stand out from the crowd.
      best thing you can do for yourself is to be yourself.
      and I, for one, agree with you – sexy bodies are cool, but i'd rather view funny pix here, randomness, photobombs, etc. than just scores of attention hos who pose a hundred times only to get this one hot pic. same applies to overblown patriotic shit – soldiers and military stuff is not welcome here. let the brigade work for its own fame and readers. it's certainly not needed here, especially that american army is actually waging offensive wars, and that is one thing i'll never agree with. fight for your own country to defend it – cool. but don't attack others to get their oil.

      • MikeJones

        I'm new here, but I think theBrigade and theChive are related. Hence, they're going to cross promote one another. I come here for the funny too, but military and bewb pics really aren't a nuisance to me. They typically categorize the posts well, so if you don't want to look at that stuff, just stick with the randomness, photobombs, etc.

      • its_forge

        If you want funny you should probably go to the source for most of TheChive's funny stuff, which is and I like that TheChive brings that stuff here and mixes it with cool stuff from other sites and random almost-clothed girlie pics.

    • tdotbronco

      thumps down for the party pooper,boooooooo

    • Coldzilla

      Dont let the door hit you in the ass……..

    • its_forge

      We like worksafe girlie pictures. Not that I'm viewing this stuff anywhere any of my women associates can see it.

  • johndory

    #12 is awesome. #29 looool

    • John Whitsel

      #12 made my heart stop for second.

  • Westy

    Chivey Chivey Chivey, I'm drunk as hell, sup motherfuckers! An awesome week it was, see you all monday! Goodnight and love the majority of you.

    • Dane

      Love you too 😀 ❤

  • Libertariandude

    I can't put a name on #5.

    • KYLE

      Cheryl Cole… Where are you from? Mars?

      • Libertariandude

        Haha, sorry…

  • Jono

    #27 Roast Duck Girl?

  • loer

    I want more of 10.

  • Cqcumber

    #27 duckorange fack?

  • Chrispeena

    #12= Instaboner. #25=My dream wife. God bless TheChive.

  • Ben

    #47….I really hope thats your own ass you submitted.

  • Elliot Smith

    #27… how about SNOOKI! its not like the dumb bitch needs more attention…

    • MigraineBoy

      Pocahontas maybe?

    • Semper

      Yeah buddy you pitched that up there a bit ^^ It wasn't well-received then either…It won't be Snooki.,

  • Jeff Sayatovic

    Pretty good start to my birthday.. Thank you Chive!

  • Mike D.

    29 is in MS-13?

  • grk71

    #27 HELL GIRL LOL!!!!

  • MigraineBoy

    I don't get #45.

    • its_forge

      They look like they're slow dancing, so the original demotivator says "doing it wrong" and then the frame demotivator makes a joke about how Twilight is a continuing screaming gay subtext.

  • davey

    12 is perfection.

  • Virulent87

    28 and34 PLS chive dont do that. i hawe bad heart… =(

  • Manddy Smith

    Im not seeing any love for #37?
    very sexy pose

    • its_forge

      She does look good. The boobies are plastic but she's gorgeous anyway.

  • Nutty Joe

    27…Duck a l'orange

  • Josh

    Can I get a name for #39? Hottest girl on this post, IMO.

    • its_forge

      And once again TheChive has cropped off the most interesting part…

    • Zimdog40

      Right there with you can we please get a name?

  • Monkey

    #27 – The Harbinger of the Apocalypse

  • pigpen627

    Is it just me, or does 27 look like an Oompa Loompa?? Just sayin'.



    Is her name Ella???? Get it????? Ella Vader (going down?)

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