Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • 4xaClown

    One of the most epic 'best photos of the week'! Thank you Chive!

  • Ulysses

    what girl`s name on #16?

    • theman

      krystal forscutt.

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    […] The Chive’s 50 best photos of the week. That they are. […]

  • battleangel

    #27 Orangina

  • SweetJesus

    I don't mind seeing the same thing again. Sometimes I forget the good shit. Years of hard.

    #29 I find it meaningful. Stand by your bro. Dude's a pussy on the right, but that's f**king cool. We all got friends like all that and we love 'em. Dude on left went through some shit. You know more than most of these suburban fucks. More power More power More power to the boths of yuoussss.

  • Herp

    #27 – Duck in Orange Sauce?

  • Alex

    who is #28???

  • God

    #27 CHEETO TAN!

    *I WILL get that term used for all Jersey Sure douchebags..

  • Bob

    #27 = Red She Hulk

  • chrisdg74

    #27 Duck-face Platypus. Or Duck-bitch Platypus.

  • ClayB

    names: 25, 34, 37 and 39 please!!

  • Help Please

    Who is number 2!? I NEED TO KNOW!

  • jlt

    I'm probably going to get butchered for saying this. Good looking girl sites are a dime a dozen on the internet. Sites with better good looking girls. Sites with naked good looking girls. Funny pictures, not nearly as much. Maybe you ought to start a new site for good looking girls and stick with the funny stuff here. I like the funny stuff slash good looking girl ones like #48 though. When I want funny, I come here. When I want girls, I go elsewhere. That is all.

    • Darksoul

      My exact same view

    • its_forge

      I like this site's mix of funny stuff and girlie stuff, and I like the quality and worksafeness of the girlie stuff, and there are a lot of sites out there bro.

  • Coldzilla

    ** makes plans to spend Halloween in Iceland next year **

  • Kyle

    That's a very sexy pose #37. 🙂

  • rick

    who is 25?

  • DirtyRev

    More #10!

  • Yeah

    Should be called "Best photos of the week that we stole from reddit"

    • its_forge

      And you should switch your username to "Idiot Who Thinks It Necessary To Whine About Where Chive Got Its Pics From." If they're from Reddit, GO THERE AND STAY THERE AND QUIT FUCKING BOTHERING US.

  • DylanC360

    We shall call her…barbara streisand.

  • dubya

    #27 Duechette ah' la' Duckface?
    She Jerky?
    Taco Meat?

  • Why Not?

    27 duckenstein?

  • armstrongproduct

    CEwe – CEwenYA MenGGAiRAhKAn … MANtaaB

  • (not)TheRealSlim

    name of the chick in #48?

  • Fernando Chapa

    Number 34 is Tiffany Taylor, Miss November 1998. She has been a favorite of mine for awhile.

  • KMM

    More pictures of #10 on the best of throttle this week please

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