You demanded ‘MOAR of this ginger’. Fastest wish granted ever (6 Photos)

This morning after I posted a 'Chicks with cameras' gallery y'all went hog-bonkers.- In that gallery there is a particularly scorching ginger holding a camera. In the past hour I've received almost 50 emails from Chivers demanding moar #4. I noticed in the comments that one Chiver, Percy, even pulled out the cancer card:

I don't ask for much chive, but I might have cancer and the only cure is more #4 today. Otherwise I don't know what will happen with all this cancer.

While I have no clue who this chick is (I'm sure our Chivers will do some digging), I was able to find a few more photos...

  • Eddy

    Wow, gorgeous.

  • bob the builder

    YO she is the tambourine player in this band check her out!!!

    • moar?

      not true!!!!

      • bob the builder

        Did you listen to the song? she is playing it, she is also a friend of the singer!

        • moar?

          really? no, I looked at the pictures and didn't see anything…. what's her name on there?

          • moar?

            tricked me again! I went back and looked at the whole page. wtf?

  • hotdogneck

    I would.

  • AnotherAnon

    She's not actually a ginger. Just a redhead

  • moar?

    any more luck anyone????

  • bryainiac

    Photos like these make me hate women that are this hot but never around me.

    • moar?

      well, help out and find her!

  • HellHath NoFury

    I love ginger on my raw fish.

    • Beau

      That's so weird, me too! I was just having some about a week and a half ago! Oh, wait, you meant…

  • moar?

    in picture #1 – is that a European style toilet in the background, or American?

    • Adam

      Look at your toilet.

      Compare to hers.

      Determine where you live.

      Use process of elimination.

  • moar?

    can anyone identify the items in the background, that may be helpful?

  • Ben

    I hear red heads are the craziest of bitches

  • moar?

    just started following her on twitter…. her friends sent her links to this page!

    Dobro vprašanje, mora ona odgovorit 🙂 @redewchy RT @Speexy: Erm… je tole redewchy?

    • moar?

      "Good question, she must answer"


  • Viking

    Agreeing with the first post.


  • Replyreply

    She needs to wipe the four pounds of makeup off and grow her hair.

    she looks like a dude with fakies

    • obviously......

      you are either a homo or a fat chick

  • freezeaddict


  • its_forge

    she probably looks fine without makeup but prefers how she looks with.

  • alister

    sweet merciful crap.

  • Ty4

    I have a weakness for redheads, and this girl is easily the most gorgeous redhead I've seen thus far. More I say! More!

  • Johnson Fitswell

    Dear Chivers for the love of God, put our differences aside and get this sauce. PLEASE lets work together and get moar of her.

  • Matt

    ehhhh. not doing it for me.

  • Dani

    I knew who she was instantly she’s a good.. Actress :O

    NSFW There’s also pics of other.. Actresses in that link, and her, +name

    And yes, she’s a REA-HEA-HEALLY good in her movies ;D

    • Nos

      How about a name then?

    • Garen DiBernardo

      WAIT…your saying, that she's a pornstar…..

      Well. Say goodbye every avaible space left on my computer

      • moar!

        no movies there…. and just a link to a single picture… come on, you can do better than that!!

  • dwire

    Thank you, but I must have MOAR !!

  • Dan

    Fake Red hair, Disappointing.

  • Justin

    Oh my God, she has gorgeous eyes

  • Garen DiBernardo

    hot damn. shes is sexy!

  • cpt


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