You demanded ‘MOAR of this ginger’. Fastest wish granted ever (6 Photos)

This morning after I posted a 'Chicks with cameras' gallery y'all went hog-bonkers.- In that gallery there is a particularly scorching ginger holding a camera. In the past hour I've received almost 50 emails from Chivers demanding moar #4. I noticed in the comments that one Chiver, Percy, even pulled out the cancer card:

I don't ask for much chive, but I might have cancer and the only cure is more #4 today. Otherwise I don't know what will happen with all this cancer.

While I have no clue who this chick is (I'm sure our Chivers will do some digging), I was able to find a few more photos...

  • dan

    simply stunning. those eyes are beyond beauty

  • Scotty G

    Fap worthy indeed

  • AtomManhattan

    As a long-time sufferer of the affliction I refer to as 'MJ-itis', I have a really, really bad redhead fetish, and this girl is one of the easiest tens I've ever seen.
    Thank you so very much, and whoever you are- you're perfect. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    • xxcongoxx

      I 'suffer' from the same affliction. Why do you refer to it as 'MJ-itis' ?

  • MOAR!!!

    more info plllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase!

  • trollradius

    no thanks

  • wim

    HEY! That's my future wife!!!

  • Eurynomus
    • dammit man

      Kudos on a masterful find but now it is totally ruined. She is a fruit loop, vegan hippie chick (ie. bat-shit crazy). Oh well, I guess we will all have to resort to fantasizing about hate fucking her now. There really is no such thing as a perfect woman.

      • Sophia

        Did you expect me to be some sort of nymphomaniac?

        No appreciation for diversity, eh?

        • dammit man

          ok….I'll pretend this is really you for a minute. I never said/implied you were a nympho (although it's never a bad thing) – don't know where that came from. Point is – you are ridiculously good looking (understatement) and you were in the running for "the most perfect girl in the world" (because I'm in charge of that) until I saw the vegan shit. sorry but vegan=nutty.

          • Sophia

            Vegan simply means I do not purchase animal products. How does my concern for animal welfare render me nutty?

            • dammit man

              I've just found most vegans to be very inconsistent/nutty. Like, they won't eat (chicken)eggs because they say it is wrong but they are all pro abortion/stem cell research. So destrying a human egg/embryo is okay but not a chickens??? Don't get me wrong, I am pro-choice/stem cell research but I will also eat the shit out of some eggs…..I don't know, maybe you're different though.

              • max

                vegan chicks are awesome because they don't get any meat in their diet so they smell really good everywhere and have awesome bodies. it's true, I just looked it up.

            • Always Last

              While I'm sure theChive trolls ran you off, I would like to point out that all of your makeup is tested on animals in some very horrible ways. Your camera strap is made with leather and you likely wear leather shoes. How can you tell your friend is a vegan? You don't have to, they'll tell you over and over. Hypocrisy is when you say one thing (or act one way) while completely contradicted yourself by your actions (or non-actions). Get off your soapbox and realize you aren't a vegan – you just play on the internet.

  • Manddy Smith

    She is stunning!!
    I feel like i have seen here before somewhere….. think mandy think…..

  • Doc

    Mandy, I want to make love to your avatar. That is all.

    • Manddy Smith


  • Walt McBoomshine

    She's a red-haired version of that chick from 30 rock.

  • moar!

    Hi everyone, any new updates? I couldn't find anything extra yesterday. I think the person with that picture on twitter is fake, and the name matching that on facebook…. well, the pictures don't match up.

    Chivers – are we going to let this one die like this?? I'm not as good as some of you other detectives, but has anyone else had any luck???

  • trans am

    she is bringing the hotness. nice gingy.

  • Sugreev2001


  • Nos

    You can thank Eurynomus for finding her.
    Looking at some forum post, she attracted attention with these pics a few months ago and has since "retired" a bit it seems, so she'll probably stay far away from this.

    • moar!

      yep – you found her…. good job!
      Sophia Mononoke Lily

      • better left unknown

        Dammit! Now we know that she is a crazy vegan hippie. Oh, well. I guess I will just have to change my fantasy to a hate fuck.

  • Caca

    I bet John, Leo, and Bob have been on a 18 hour red bull/crack binge doing some intense detective work.

  • passivemenis

    I do so love hot ginger chicks. Blue eyed ginger chicks are just pure awesome…

  • judasnicknack



  • -D-

    Well Played in Deed!

  • DollarBillUK

    I'm not usually a fan of short haired girls, but she's hot!

  • Shroom

    Moar! MOAR! Wow shes hot!



  • ass


  • TardNugget

    photoshop is awesome huh

  • troy

    Wow she is scorching hot she should be in movies

  • dwire

    Chive !! I'm bummed. I found more of this girl on a pornsite When you go there just click on any image and you will see her on the next page that comes up (a sign-up and pay page….I did not sign up nor pay so I don't know how much of her is on this site). Tell me it's all a misunderstanding and she's not in porn !!

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