It’s Monday, I know. Here are some ladies with future lower back problems (30 Photos)

  • Semper

    It's Monday? My clock and I disagree. Great boobs though.

    • Semper

      even if 80% are plastic -_-

      • Matt

        I'd have to disagree with half of these. Half are WAAAAAAYY to big. Yes it IS possible to have boobs that are to big. some of these are just nasty. the rest though? very nice!!

      • BigDingo

        There is a disappointing number of non-natural today…

        • I'm an Ass

          There is a disappointing number of gay guys today

          • BigDingo

            I feel sad for you, maybe you'll be able to find more gay men tomorrow.

            • WhyBlack?

              what's sad is that you don't seem to understand that he is referring to you as the "gay guy"

              • BigDingo

                Clearly the only come-back you understand is when you cough after going down on a dude.

                • WhyBlack?

                  Clearly, your only come-backs have gay innuendos in it. What really is in on your mind? Apparently not boobs, since you seem to be disappointed at this picture post. =(

          • Ra-tard

            now thats just you realize what you said?

          • Keithp420

            So. You want more gay guys on here? I think you are on the wrong website.

  • Thanks Chive

    I love titties soo so much

  • DarthDuckky

    10 is shopped… and creepy. Please don't make Pedobear happy.

  • nick

    how old is 10 and 11? Waaayyyyy to pedobear

    • cpt

      yea 11 looks like jailbait

    • Ron

      Yeah, 11 looks WAY too young. Unless Chive gets confirmation otherwise it should be taken down.

  • bob the builder

    #10 and 16 are photo-shopped mongrels!!!

    I like them titties though! git git

    • Matt

      16 is shopped? 10 is, but 16 isn't. those boobs are real-fake. way to big and completely nasty

      • Obadiaha

        #16 is all real. Leanne Crow.

  • BigDingo

    I guess it's monday somewhere…

    Pre-monday boners on the west coast!

  • Brent Verwymeren

    DUCKFACE!!!! (19) …(god damn, when will they learn?)

  • Muffin

    #10 is an underage actress pasted on some other chick's body. Is this the Photoshop pedophile thread?

    • Matt

      yeah thats clearly shopped. Chive please take that one out and next time open your eyes.

    • dude

      I thought the same thing. shes Julianna Rose Mauriello from Lazy Town born in 1991,

      • bingbongs

        well lets do the math on this then……born in 91 the year now is 2010, so that means she is what? 19, so what is the issue again?

        • bob

          gotta do the cookin by the book

    • BigDingo

      that's pretty sick…

    • sn0wcrash

      Good call Muffin….Shit my kid watches that show (lazytown) and that photo is disturbing.

      • bingbongs

        again if she was born in 91 that means she is 19….even if it was a horrible photoshop try

        • skook

          she's 19 now. but she's not 19 in that pic

          • CaptainRational

            Even if she was 19 and looked like a 12 yr old thats still creepy

    • kingblc

      agreed, very creepy and wrong

    • Sondre

      This is what should have been there in stead:

  • IrishCowboy

    Lita?! of all the wrestling girls you post Lita?!

    • pea shooter

      and in the next will by Chyna…MUHAHAHA!!

  • KNR

    Love # 8!!! Chive, you should do a post of large chested girls with pigtails! FNA!

    • This Is Me


  • Narfz

    Wow, whats the name of 23?

  • nooo

    Didn't know it was bad boob-job day.

  • nick

    There mighta been three sets of real tits on here, implants are ALWAYS a bad idea ladies.

    • Catence

      As a girl with the real thing, this posts makes me glad for my god-given gifts. Implants are gross.

  • Cheat codes central

    This is what I'm talking you about. Awesome

  • crew

    11 doesn't look old enough to drive

    • Ben

      Its a trap

    • Observer

      I bet she can motorboat… err be motorboated? I tried.

  • Seth

    personally #16 are too big

  • Bobbie Bobbie

    Fap Fap Fap….

  • kater

    who is #sex?

    oh, stop posting that broad milani. she is fugly. most random anons are hotter than her.

  • beef

    who is #13? She is so hot its unreal

    • dave

      bianca beauchamp

  • Terry Burke

    good show chive, good show

  • davey

    this post is so full of win.

  • chrisdg74

    11 – Is Pedobear far behind?

  • chrisdg74

    7 – What did you say? Your back hurts and you need a massage? I'm in.

  • hainer

    18? more from her 😀

  • Mirror Man

    Chock full of BOING!

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