Might as well jump!! (33 Photos)

  • Claire

    #30 is my favourite. :3 That was the best timing.

  • jaredallas

    Sometimes the Chive makes me just wish I could go outside and jump.

    I think I'm gunna.

    • Kyle

      u didn't tho…

  • googboog

    is the last one hilary swank? man, she has a smokin' hot body…

    • lonin

      Yeah, too bad about her face though.

  • blake honda

    everybody, go through this list one more time but play the song "Jump Jump" by Kriss Kross or "Jump." by House of Pain. The experience of doing it will be amazing. 🙂

    • DJwillflo

      Or Jump by Van Halen, duh!

      • blake honda

        or you can add simple plan, every little thing, madonna, flo rida, the faders, loverboy, NERD, Liberty X or Destiny's Child version of "Jump."

        • theradioblows

          Um, Van Halen is the obvious choice. You listen to some shitty music.

        • Morebadnews

          And hondas suck too!

          • ryan

            agree, gotta go with yamaha

          • Jen

            hondas DO NOT

  • BigDingo

    Didn't like the post at first… but then I started falling for it

  • anarcrust

    #7, Ass to mouth is not okay. Unless they were drunk, then they can both say things like "Do you remember anything about last night?" "No, not at all." "But it was good right?" "Oh hell yeah."

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000002013938 Roberto Barreiro

    #28 really beautifull shot!

    • You're Welcome

      I completely agree. Best shot out of this group. Something about it makes it very sensual and enticing.

  • Jerry

    You could also have titled this post:

    "Gravity–just a theory"

  • Dan

    #26 is a shot from the Lingerie Football League tryouts. …which is probably something deserving of it's own thread…. 🙂

  • Why Not?

    13 winter sucks! period.
    22 i feel pretty!!
    28 tight tank top, water, babe… these are a few of my favorite things
    32 we can make her better, stronger, faster, but not by much… damn!

  • stev

    Anyone notice Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss in #9?

    • Nuff Said


  • ron

    28 is nice, but 32 for the win.

    • GrayPoupon

      Its Hillary Swank from an Esquire shoot, if I remember correctly.

  • topher

    How bout gifs of women on trampolines

  • Phil

    31 is really cool

  • Skedaddle

    AWESOME belly flop. Seriously.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jmitchell6799 Joey Mitchell

    BBL, going outside to jump off things.

  • SweetJesus

    Okay. I guess I like it, too. Dammit.

  • bowhuntpa

    32 moar

  • Tony

    12 is from the International Swimming Pool in Leeds, UK. Sadly the building has now been demolished

  • http://twitter.com/elcocov @elcocov

    Van Halen- Jump
    Hence the Title "might as well Jump"

    • Coldzilla

      Gee – thank you Cpt Obvious

  • F U Chiveassholes


    except for 28. Boing.

  • Coldzilla

    Jump! The first music video I ever saw!


  • Penelope

    #22….Best photobomb….ever.

  • eXeq

    Theese pictures are beautiful!

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