So somebody made a guide to women’s body types… (6 HQ Photos)

  • Pezski

    3 is NOT hourglass; needs some sand up top for that.

    4 (athletic), 9,11 and 12 are some seriously sexy laydeez

  • Frank P


  • Chip

    Pic #1 in the middle I call Kikkoman. After the soy sauce bottle.

  • guest

    Moar of hourglass! Find her if the laat thing you do!


    BBW = Big Bitch Walking #6

  • Ranger Rick

    Voluptuous chubby with assists!

  • Lauren

    2/3 of the first few were photoshopped. Real women do not look like that, unless you pay for it.

  • unwanted 3rd child

    hourglass girl makes me hungry

  • Crazy_Jake

    Kill and burn with FIRE anything over pict 15

  • Evol81

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  • someone else

    # 3 – is PEAR shaped NOT' hourglass'. Hourglass is when the bust and the hips are the same and the waist is smaller. where as number 3 has a bust and waist almost the same and wider hips, thus… being pear shaped. 😀

  • Scott

    Voluptuous. That word that you keep using, I do think it means what you think it means…


  • Miguel

    I don't want to kill anyone's trip but for a girl to be considered hourglass her shoulders must be the same measure as her hips with a narrow waist… and #1 is quiet off.. but still this was fun XD thx chive

  • tom

    3 4 5 and 6 are my kinda girls would love to see more thick girls in chive!!

  • tom

    #3, #4, #5, #6 all get my votes love some girls with meat on her mmmmm! Chive needs to post more thick girls!!!

  • bob

    this "guide" is misleading, ridiculous, and out right retarded.
    the scale is obviously geared to make women, who really DO have these body types, seem bigger than they really are.
    i think someone that actually has an understanding of the female figure should make a guide and not someone who only knows about it from what they've read in magazines and seen on t.v.

  • Joshua

    I think that the chive needs to find #4, she was in a post a while back and blew my mind. She has an absolutely perfect body. The chive deserves to see more…

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