Who’s the hotter sportscaster, Erin Andrews or Sara Carbonero? (22 photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1119319556 Jonny Prasifka


    • BigDingo

      agreed. Erin is hot and we all appreciate the 'candid' video… but she's one of those good from far girls…

    • lonin

      Agreed…she has the total package.

  • The Hatter

    may i recommend the Sky commentator Georgie Thompson?
    she does the UK proud

    • Big E

      Except she has a massive forehead

    • P90

      Yes she is stunning. (She's great on 'A league of their own' on Sky 1)

  • steve


  • dean

    the brunette one

  • Optimus Prime

    Erin, one thousand times Erin!

  • equalizermax

    I'll hit them both…

    • JiggQuoi?

      …on that ass from the top.

  • Paul

    Sara Carbonero

  • armedrobbery

    Sometimes you want chili, sometimes you want an enchilada.

    • blastik

      he is not mexican. SPAIN. EUROPE. you ignorant,

      • blastik

        she is not mexican. SPAIN. EUROPE. you ignorant,

        • F U Chiveassholes

          Are you just now learning engrish?

  • bittor

    Now and forever. SARA.

  • Tbag

    #2 is Carrie Underwood……derp. She's hotter than both i might add

    • truthiness

      Nice troll or epically bad eyesight

    • somethings

      #2 is NOT Carrie Underwood……derp.

    • resist_boredom

      carrie underwood is 110x hotter than erin!!!

  • manwithnoname

    Who are #2 and #9. Neither of those photos are of either Erin or Sara.


      Those are def pics of Erin Andrews. Might wana see that eye doctor bud. There is no doubt

  • joe

    #2 is carrie underwood not erin

    • truthiness

      Nice troll or epically bad eyesight


      What is with you dudes. That is no doubt a pic of Erin. You and the other ones claiming it is not need to go to the eye doc asap. Not even close to Carrie

      • joe

        it was carrie underwood they have changed it since posting that

  • stafferty

    *Starts Chanting*

  • Jeff

    How could you fail so bad as to put a Carrie Underwood picture in for Erin

    • truthiness

      Seriously, wtf? Where the hell are you people seeing Carrie Underwood?

      • Brad

        did they correct the carrie underwood photo already? because that's obviously Erin…


      All these retards are blind. That looks nothing like Carrie! No doubt it is Erin

      • joe

        they corrected it… but carrie was up the you retard. think that meany pervs don't know who the eff carrie underwood is?

  • Ken

    Hmm, tough choice! Both have been named the World's Sexiest Sports Reporter. However, Sara Carbonero was credited with Spain's initial loss to Switzerland at this year's World Cup… So on that note, Sara!

  • Oliver Klozoff

    Erin Andrews because she doesn't interview gay @$$ soccer players!! She interviews actual football players that don't fake getting hurt!!! Oh and by the way soccer players are horrible actors WOW!!

    • Bogdan

      You are a totally totally idiot.

    • F U Chiveassholes

      What Bogdan said, except intelligible.

    • Coldzilla

      Wow you SURE do seem to know about about "gay ass soccer players". Care to elaborate?

      Soccer players are horrible actors…. thank you Mr relevance

    • myname

      That "gay" sport you just mentioned happen to be played all over the world….. probably the only sport america doesnt seem to ever win in > <

  • top dog

    Ewin Andrews has no ass, and them close-up don't help her at all. I see how you tried to stack the contest, and she still loose in my opinion.

  • Brad

    I love latina women, but I don't find Carbonero that hot, not compared to other latinas…

    Erin takes it for me…

    • JPC

      Maybe because I've never heard of the Spanish being called "Latina." You know, since they aren't.

  • Danny P


  • Angel

    Sara! By a landslide.

  • JiggQuoi?

    Erin's boobs and body with Sara's face and complexion.

  • bob


    • http://www.facebook.com/JustinVincentHall Justin Hall

      So, basically, they'd cancel each other out and your rating would mean nothing.


      • bob

        you're assuming the number people voting erin exactly equals the number for sara.
        a highly unlikely event. hence the entire reason for voting to determine the answer to VERY QUESTION posited by thechive.

        derp yourself dumbass.

  • Richie

    I don't know if I'm intimidated or turned on by a woman that can both beat me in fantasy football and pick better than me in march madness. Wait, definitely turned on. Erin baby.

    Also, Rey Maualuga chooses Erin Andrews as well.

    • top dog

      Fantasy Football? We played real Football, What the hell is "fantasy football" and how do that shit work? Is that like fantasy sex?

  • Anonymous


  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Not sports but well worth a mention….

    The BBC's goooooorgeous Kate Silverton: http://tinyurl.com/KateSilverton


      Uh no thanx. Looks like a younger version of Sarah Palin. Boooo!

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