Who’s the hotter sportscaster, Erin Andrews or Sara Carbonero? (22 photos)

  • mememe

    Ines Sainz

  • aosux

    I would totally flat load my feet so I can snap load my power package all over both of them.

  • zym

    It's the accent man, the accent always wins.

  • Gutterville

    Erin has a good body but sara has a pretty face

  • chrisdg74

    Sara. But of course I have a thing for Latin women. It's the accent.

  • Lovebrunettes

    Are you kidding? Sara!

  • JalapInya

    Ines Sainz??? All she has is a great ass, but a face like a horse.

    • skeptic

      They said hottest, not prettiest…. duh!

  • robsterling

    #20 settles it. Sara looks like some kind of alien.
    USA! USA! USA!

  • clyde

    How about some pics of Ines Sainz as long as hot reporters are the topics

  • Erik von Markovik

    Charlotte Jackson or Georgie Thompson?

  • Bisketz

    Erin all the way. Sarah has weird googly eyes. (naturally, in the non shopped photos)

  • Norm

    Heidi Watney from NESN. Much hotter than Erin…

  • Danny Boyland

    Who's hotter? Erin. Bbut Sara is probably better in the sack. Erin is a needy and ultimately selfish lover. Sara is a giver. I know these things.

  • Artex

    Inez Sainz?

  • llama beans

    They're both hot. Sara has a more exotic look which makes her sexier. Erin has more of that girl next door look. Erin's body is freaking fantastic though. Sara's body is cute. So, Sara's face on Erin's body.

  • Boscoe

    Definitely Sara! Though Erin's fake bewbs are clearly more impressive…

  • chainsaweater


  • Cris Ron

    Erin aint even in same league, only cause she american

  • the real d. nozzle

    links or it didn't happen.

  • fgjkl

    Mila Horvat – google her

  • Iluvbeingfirst

    Erin Andrews = OVERRATED!!!! Nice rack, no ass, legs not that sexy, and she is a stuck up BEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAATTTTTTCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHH

    This Sara chick on the other hand…….mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Sickpup

    Erin doesn't exude the "dirty girl" that Sara does. A couple tequilas, her fav toys and place to do the dirty, and Ole!

  • Dan

    Where's Charissa Thompson?

  • chim richels

    Erin Andrews for me. I was in Madison, WI staying at the Hilton. I'm in the exercise room thing and who comes in to work out? Erin Fucking Andrews. Apparently she was in town do the Wisconsin/Illinois basketball game.

    I proceed to watch her do the stairmaster for 20 minutes while I rode the stationary bike with a huge boner. Kinda has a hook nose, but her body is banging.

    I've seen that first pic orange sweater thing a million times and everytime I see it, it reminds me of the bigfoot footage. Kinda like a bigfoot you'd want to jizz on.

  • Bella Valentino

    I don't know who #2 is but it's def not Carrie Underwood…I think the brunette is def hotter but I agree with the guy above, soccer sucks. Football is a real sport so the blond get's hottie points on that note. From a chick=)

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