It’s Wednesday, you should get away (23 Photos)

  • charles

    10. Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) Norway. Love that place. Seen it here posted a bunch of time. Definitely an experience of a life time to be up there.

    • Kjartan

      And it´s not hard to get up there at all. Easier than climbing stairs, in my opinion.
      Icelander in Denmark.

  • juice

    sweet dreams

  • Gobbles

    Didn't 17 used to be on Olympia beer?

    • nwest

      It's multnomah falls, in Oregon. Been there, very nice.

      • HellHath NoFury

        I was there on New Years two years ago. The ice and snow were fabulous, as was the trail to the top. The photos do not do it justice.

  • Caroline

    These should always be HQ

  • Steve

    Walked accross 17 many times. Just outside Portland, OR. Beautiful Multnomah Falls.

  • Baldy

    #1 looks like lake louise. Go Canada. Go

    • Sp4Zmz

      That's actually moraine lake which is beside lake louise and behind the old $20 bills.

    • Mike

      Yes, that's Moraine Lake, which is about 10 Klicks from Lake Louise. Around the lake is the Valley of the 10 Peaks.

      Chive On!

      • Baldy

        Either way, its nice and cold

    • Hemmina

      Heh. If the strata were slanted the other way, they'd be the Maroon Bells.

  • bubblerider86

    I definitely need to travel more ❤

  • chrisdg74

    Note to self: Tell boss to fuck off and then tackle the globe.

  • LT B

    Feeling a little cramped as I sit staring at my cubicle wall and these pictures.

  • Nola

    Le sigh, at least tomorrow is a holiday…..

  • equalizermax

    chive do you have a wallpaper link for this post?

  • Tempest

    I wish they didn't photoshop in the fake lightning effect in #20…would have been better without it.

  • HellHath NoFury

    Me too! December, meet you there! *whether you like it or not….creep creep*

    • Lynne Sandilands

      That's ok! I'll miss you by 2 months 😀

  • Coldzilla

    # 1 is Moraine Lake Ab – tramped around that pretty spot MANY a day. Even more beautiful with a dusting of white stuff!

    Thanks Chive

  • Breanna

    #17 looks like Rivendell. :p Just about everything in Norway is gorgeous.

  • kei

    awesome pictures, thanks Chive! if you can list down where each picture was taken, i would really, really appreciate it! ❤

    does anyone know where #6 was taken? or have a HD version of that? somehow looking at the picture makes me feel all placid and tranquil inside (:

  • Marty

    Dear Chive – Is it common for you to post other artists copyrighted works without links back to their original sources?

  • Silent

    #3 extreme photoshopping in action!

    To get a picture of the stars like that you'd need a very long exposure, so long in fact that if the camera was stationary, the stars would blur as they rotate around the pole star. The camera would have to move with the Earth's rotation, so it'd blur the trees!
    Looking at the trees…. was that part of the picture taken during the day-time?!?

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