Sexy beauty pageant? I’m in! (9 Photos)

  • top dog

    That shit ain't funny man !!!!!

  • John ya got me

    Nicely done, sneaky but well played. But, you guys try and pull a stunt like this on Friday with a Sexy Chivers Post that's like this one, well sir we're gonna have to take it outside to the parking lot at 3 o'clock!

  • Kareemalobamabak

    I learned to spot these from footage of teh amazing race in thailand. If it weren't for the amazing race, it would have took me #9. I didn't see the ass on the right in #5. I don't think that's the kinda tush we asked for guys…. ur not making this a pay site are you????

  • SFNHater

    This is why I stay away from Asian chicks!

  • Joshua Collins


  • Ballzonya

    Clench your butt cheeks boys, the Asian invasion is coming!

  • Onlunch

    I puked in my mouth….. Thanks Chive

  • God

    I'd hit them all, many times.. In a good way..

  • Rodrigo Diaz IV

    #10 Gave it Away, my jedi powers are strong.

  • ron

    "One day soon I'm gonna tell the moon
    About the cryin' game"

  • Dave

    Sooo not cool (but nicely done chive…nicely done).

  • tag

    I wondered why they looked the same, among other oddities.

  • Da Sandman

    i knew there was something going on… for some reason i didn't think anyone of them was hot… now i know why XD

  • NTFW!

    First there are kisses, then there are sighs
    And then before you know where you are, you're saying goodbye

    Don't want no more of the crying game

  • yikes

    Note to self: Do NOT let Ron be your wingman!


    #14 has hips like a lady. Yum?

  • Why Not?

    i knew they were unusually unattractive

  • MrFFreeze

    GOOOOO!!!!!! RUUUN!!!!!!! GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!,………………….. 😥

  • bob

    NOOO!!! They're women dammit…. WOMENNNN!!!

  • mongomike


  • Rick

    Not cool Chive…..not cool.

  • BerlinerKim

    Was this a pageant for trannies or did I miss something? Wait….Asian strippers?

  • BloodScrubber

    That nasty taste in your mouth is the partial throw-up after reading the end….

  • adsd


  • sanji

    although I saw somethings wrong with the ass and elbow, still continue to found out it's a, now I feel awful, thinking I like #14 contestant 😦

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