Sexy beauty pageant? I’m in! (9 Photos)

  • kaveman4130

    tuck and roll

  • Careverga

    I knew it!!

  • nouu

    i'd bang it..

  • Omarrrr

    aww mann pwnedd

  • ChingchongChina

    If there's no meat, it's not problem.

  • Anonymous

    first! knew it from the beginning it was dudes

  • cpt

    had no clue, only reason to suspect was the plumbers crack on 5…

    im screwed if i cant tell the fakes from the real thing, find a handy pocket guide to this damnit!

  • Matt

    good thing i went through them quickly. I didn't look at any of these pics for more than a split second.

  • NdP


  • fdg

    damn those dudes are hot. o wait what

  • sexy beauty pageant theCHIVE | Beauty Advisory

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  • VitaminsRGood4U

    Haha all of you are soooo disappointed

  • Head Chef

    They are not manly hips on number 14 in photo 2 :S

  • yup

    Seriously, I was suspicious when I saw the first picture. Not cool Chive! Then again, these people deserve respect, and I admire how openly the whole transvestite thing is handled, especially in Thailand.

  • a BiPolar guy

    since it appears all of them clearly have actual breasts (silicon or hormone grown) not falsies they are not truly transvestites – transvestites just like to play dress-up and are usually not gay contrary to popular opinion. They definitely don't want to become women or get actual breast. Some of these are probably pre-op transexuals and the rest probably did it as tool to earn a living. Every time I think of it I'm amazed at the "market" that exists for she-males.

  • marty

    thats not cool….now ill never go to the far east…fucking freaks.

  • Derek


    Epic fucking win Chive.

  • stickythumbs

    lol i was thinking none of them are attractive and they look like guys.. then then i keep scrolling to see if any one was at least good looking. then i see the text… lol wow no homo much.

  • n t

    not a sick feeling in my stomach from the get go and I was right

  • An American

    she males are the new black, guys. Embrace the tranny luv!

  • bill

    not bad.kinda hot. would hit them.

  • teio

    You damn bastards
    I won't forgive these f***ing awful images for the rest of my life.
    Chive don't do this anymore please

  • Barry McKokkinner

    Oh yeah here we go!…FAP…FAP…FAP…FAP…wait…WHAT?!

  • bill

    ah yes best of both worlds.yes i would do any of them.

  • bill

    oh yea #2 there look good to me.i would enjoy them

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