This is one BIG boom (14 Photos)

Trinity was the name given to the first atomic bomb test in history. Taking place on July 16th 1945 in a remote section of land in New Mexico known as the White Sands Proving Ground, Trinity was the start of what is commonly referred to as the "Atomic Age." The Trinity blast produced the power equivalent to 20 kilotons (20,000 tons!) of TNT being exploded at once.

That's one large release of energy and the photos show the bomb's amazing power. Not only did the blast fuse the sand into glass underneath the explosion and almost completely destroyed the 100 foot bomb holding tower, but the Trinity nuclear test also produced a plume of highly radioactive material that traveled almost 100 miles from the blast site. The Trinity nuclear test marked an important turning point in the social and military history of the United States, one that shall not be forgotten for many years to come.

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  • a BiPolar guy

    the fused sand as shown in #13 was called "trinitite". I bought a piece as a kid for my rock/mineral collection. My son has it now.

  • hehe

    highly radiated rock… sound like a great thing for a kid…

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