You sir have been owned (21 photos)

  • mipo2010

    I friggin love ownage

  • biscuit

    Sucks for Danny

  • _HypoLuxa_

    #11 … holy shit, is that Optimus Prime in mid-transformation?!

    • equalizermax

      I'm thinking the same thing…

  • mattythegooch

    Good thing my boy in #5 is sporting cargo shorts, he can carry his spincter and dignity around with him now.

  • Eeik5150

    What? No Justin Bieber getting hit in the face by a water bottle? This collection is amateur without it.

  • Fear_n_Loathing

    ftw #19…landed that 'sum bitch in less than new condition

  • Tyler Mars

    that is one gigantic spider…….

  • tommybhoy

    16- thats one big ass spider!!!

  • anthony

    11 is clearly a constructicon

  • McBeastie

    17 is from Death Proof, the Tarantino movie in Grindhouse.

    • Its-a me, Mario

      I dont see why you get a thumbs down, but then again, its the internet. Shit is always (supposed to be) real.

  • Kjell King

    Anyone else google John Hall Studios?

    • Fishy

      Well now I did, thanks.

    • Coldzilla

      LOL yup

      I took a screen shot and Im call them for an Email addy 😉


    • avoidz


  • denimdemon

    #16 I know there's some kind of pokemon joke to be made here, but I'm not about to make it.

  • Luca Bellone

    #12: the referee is something like: "personal safety first"

    #15: so damn right…

  • Bsitz

    Why dont you go yell at his mother

  • 123roasthim

    You just had to put that spider one in there, didn't you?! Now I won't sleep tonight!

  • Catence

    I will fully admit that I have a picture just like #18. Only I am the one lying on the floor. Fun day that was.

    • Stevo

      yes, let's get you on the floor more often…

  • Masschine

    #19 is not funny, there's a good chance the bombardier was killed in that hit. Amazing that the pilot got it back. The B-17 was a hell of a plane.

    • Nicnac

      yes… the day before Veteran's Day, to post that in a funny thread is… questionable.

    • CBRian1K


  • Sauru

    you lose danny

  • Frink

    Staged by the photographer.

  • R. Wiggum

    #16 those are the bed bugs everyone is talking about.

  • Dude

    #1 is in Chicago, LOL

  • the captain

    #16 is the stuff that nightmares are made of

  • fuzzybeard2016

    #6 Melted plane is melted.

  • HellHath NoFury

    You didn't have to include, 'to eat birds'. Just the first part was fine.

  • HellHath NoFury

    *runs to get flamethrower loaded with napalm*

    • CBRian1K


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