• afsfsf

    not trying to be weird or anything but i honestly don't get what's so special here
    what's different then taking a 3 hour exam which you know your going to fail but
    you labor through anyway, or getting your ass kicked on the basketball court or in a judo fight…

  • Chim Richels

    Am I supposed to be impressed by this? So some dorky gawky high school girl can't hurdle. Big deal.

    The chubby non athletic chick in the red fucked up too.

    Somehow a lack of athletic ability is motivational? She finished. So what.

    That dude at the Olympics that broke his leg and his dad helped him across the line – THAT was inspirational.

    That funny Australian pastor dude with no arms and legs. THAT was amazingly inspirational.

    Dick and Rick Hoyt? NOTHING is more inspirational than them.

    This is just a dumb girl who sucks at sport sucking at that sport.

  • llama beans

    Is she even trying? This isn't courage. More like perseverance.

  • Bob

    That lookes painful, poor girl should have given up.


    Agree completely with Chim up there.
    There are many things much much more inspirational than this.
    In fact, I'm going to say that she is a bit of a bad sport.
    If you can't laugh at yourself after eating shit over a hurdle..then your trying to hard, you're not having fun like you are suppose to, and you're embarrassed about something that shouldn't be a big deal.
    Plus…the girl a couple lines down ate shit much harder than she did and still tried to finish…where's her viral video??
    This just doesn't deserve to be in the Inspirational Video category…sorry but deserves to be put in the Epic Fail category!

  • GrossGreg

    I still have cinders stuck in my knees from my first hurdles race in high school, and it was 13 years ago. I eventually got good at running hurdles, but the first race was really tough after getting all psyched out by the other runners.

  • Ken

    What is with the "Eye of the Tiger"-style music? I guess someone saw this and thought they witnessed the next "Rocky" story. Wrong.

    It is hard enough growing up without a video camera capturing every dumb-shit thing that happens to us as teenagers.

    Not every failure is an inspiration or a even a joke. Some events would be better not to have been captured on video let alone disseminated for mass viewing. A wise person would have deleted the file of that race and waited for a sunnier day for that young lady.

  • C-man

    So courage is something you really, really suck at? Why is she in the event if she can't clear a hurdle?

  • G Monie


    • hMMMM

      Thank you!! I was waiting for someone else to find this humorous…

  • don

    I'z hopes she can still suck my papaw when her knees heeled up.

  • Yogi

    Catholic girls are typically better at opening their legs.

  • equalizermax

    I Love Bacon

  • Erik

    Loll im actually crying.. im a hurdler myself so ive been there. ^Classic

  • anonymous

    …. I'd bang her… Which is okay for me to say because I'm only 16 😛


    F A I L

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