Daily Afternoon Randomness (35 Photos)

So my brother just informed me that I’m an idiot, and that he’d already tracked down #18 a long time ago. Her name is Carla Ossa and here is her epic gallery in case you missed it. I know I did.

Also, if you haven’t discovered Comixed yet, it’s really one of the funniest sites on the net. Check them out here.

  • Jake

    lol at 23. evil genius baby

  • TheGaffa

    #18 one ninja turtle and two ninja ducks

  • dean

    #14 i'd hit it……Oh wait….ily baby

    • Madelaine

      Ily too boyfriend 😛

  • SWa

    lol #23… I could hear "….excellent…" ring in my head

  • glenn

    18. ninja ducks

  • Fly

    How do they find people?

  • Mason

    Web address says there's 37 photos, you've only given me 35 chive. I feel like i have been screwed out of 2 photos. i feel broken…i feel abused.

  • ChingchingChina

    I enjoy the one ninja turtle who won't take of her shirt like the others…. party pooper

  • RiHugh

    One does not simply make Mordor out of matchsticks.

  • spidle


  • random88447

    # 35 name ?

  • Edward

    Excuse me Chive, but who is #14? I must know!

  • gecko

    as someone who doesn't mind having
    a little bit of soul on a bland wall
    #31 Made my Day

  • randomness123545

    #35 is Suzy from the korean group Miss A
    She's only 16 just so you know.

    • codedd 5226

      Thanx for info.

  • Anonymous

    #19 – Mordor, no – but an awesome Minas Tirith, yes

  • blabla

    #23 So…Mr Bond

  • john

    ok, i realize that one of them is doing the unforgivable duckface, but #18 is sofa king hot!

  • nouu

    #18 kill the two duckface bitches…seriously.
    #35 what's the point?

  • Anonymous

    Nerd comment of the day.. 19 is Minas Tirith yay for knowledge

  • Anonymous

    that is not gondor friends..

  • Zadkiel

    #19 is Minas Tirith, not Mordor.

  • armstrongproduct

    numBEr 18 KAya TRIO MACAN VerSI buLE … Hi hi KIddiNG


  • nerdRage

    #19 is goddamn Minas Tirith; how can one be so ignorant as to say it's Mordor?

  • Will Wheaton


  • Kal15

    Speaking of hot Carlas, and Ossa certainly is, any chance of us getting a Carla Gugino gallery?

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