Even guys think this is gross (23 photos)

  • Harold

    first !

    • Martin

      well done Harold, a truly inspired comment. Try not to bang your head when crawling back into your worthless hole you unoriginal piece of shit. I swear to god if i found out where you lived I would smack you round the head with my less than average sized penis. People like you ruin the Chive for me, as i come on here to be amused by some funny photos, not some shitty comment telling the world you beat someone other douche bag to the first comment.

      Go fuck yourself

      Harold is a shit name, i hope for your sake you are a 65 year old pervert living in a bungalow, because that is what I think of when i imagine a Harold.

      • Jody Breeze

        Your comment was almost as pathetic as the former.

        • Gezza

          Actually this whole thing is a bit retarded. Every first comment I've seen had a reply on it. Well…the person commenting first is getting exactly what he wanted. Reaction. If you feed the hungry they will come back for more.

        • Maximus

          Cheers to Martin and his passive aggressively tearing of Harold a new a-hole. A true specimen of of pure doucebagary. You must have been so excited to see that you finally had your shot at the great victory that is being the first comment, true, saying only "first!" is somewhat lame, however sometimes in the thrill of the moment we must rely on instinct which tells us to "take the shot or get out Iceman!" and write only "first". While you where thing something clever and witty, for your first first comment, Harold took the shot and shot down that mig. You are the mig Martin.

          Get over it

          Martin is a douche name, i hope for your sake you are a 49 year old balding sub-prime home loan banker who's wife is obviously cheating him and eveyone knows it but him, and has a morally challenged 15 year old daughter and a closet homosexual son, who drives a Saab. because that is what i think of when i imagine a Martin. (That or the comedian.)

          • Dave

            Come on guys, TheChive is a big family, dont hate.

      • jamie

        well said, my friend !!!

    • Simon

      eww, gross!

  • BigDingo

    What's worse than finding a giant spider on your toilet paper… finding a giant spider on your toilet paper after you've started to wipe…

  • mopery

    Would so hit the fat chick in 11

    • johndory

      hit it with a brick…

      • BigDingo

        which would hopefully knock her off the boat

        • Spivias

          lol i was thinking the same thing
          i was like 'some one need to do the THIS IS SPARTA!!! thing on her'

    • Guz

      I married it !

    • FlickMyBic

      Heh thanks for taking one for the team. if the "grenade" gets none, no one gets any

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  • Semper

    I would shit my pants if I found that spider on my TP roll. Then as I reached for toilet paper to wipe said shitted ass, the cycle would repeat.

    • exexec

      Looks like the guy in 14 found a spider on his toilet paper, then.

    • Guest

      You think thats bad look at that bald fat fuck in pic #19!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1138802465 Timothy Parrish

    I would hate to slip and fall on that collection of body fluids…

  • Puppy

    The worst part about #2 is the lotion on the desk…

    • Hoe V

      You're assuming he could reach his fapper… doesn't seem possible judging his dimensions.

    • SweetAwesomeness

      really…not the fat ass in the chair?!?

  • 4skins


  • kitkat49601

    Oh yeah…'bout time us ladies got some good pics…boners are lovely to look at, they're warm and welcoming lol.
    #12 14 15 16 18 Are nasty!!
    I HATE SPIDERS!!!!!!!!

  • Bobba Fett

    That spider will haunt my dreams forever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Spaded21 Mark Konior

    Dear Chive, please stop posting pictures of freakish man eating spiders because I look at this site before I go to bed. Thank you

  • friki

    What we did to deserve this post ???????????????????

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

      Clicking on it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1541903808 Luca Bellone

    Geez, 15 is…i've problems even to look at it

  • Not Again

    #3, watch out she's got an alien in her….

    • JDB

      I didn't see any Mexicans

  • blake honda

    if you know somebody that has an erection lasting over 4 hours, show this post to that 'unlucky' soul.

  • Popsicle Pete

    I'd still bang #3

  • chrisdg74

    3's a little too ripped for my tastes, but I'd still gladly tap it.

  • jamie

    W T F Chive .. this is ALL Wrong !!!!!!! please dont do this to us again !!!!!

  • Stonehearth

    You guys have a low tolerance for what's gross. Also what you seem to find gross mostly fits into the body-policing, gender conformity, woman-hating categories. Weird.

    • Mike

      Wow you just fit into my hippie, feminist, dumb ass stereotype. In this stereotype you do not wear deodorant, shave your pits or wear shoes. You also go walk around with an inability to take a joke and try to find as many places as you can to get on your soapbox and preach to the masses about how amazingly hateful everyone in this world is except for people who believe and act the same as you….I know it is a very specific stereotype.

  • LT B

    #3 does not belong on this post. That is hotter than fuck.

  • Cheree

    Holy Cow, that fat bald fuck in pic #19 makes me want to puke!

  • Lisa_Martin

    What has been seen cannot be RIPPED OUT OF MY MEMORY CORTEX. Leo. Really. This was a rotten thing to wake up to…twisted ba'astad. 😛 LOL

  • Sizzle

    #3 looks 'shopped.

    #1 the pic makes me want to cry, but the caption makes me want to laugh. I don't know what to do! Why do you torture me like this!!!

  • A.H.

    Now I want a cheeseburger roller.

    • Jake

      They're from QT and they're not bad…

      • drew

        Yes, QT ROCKS!!!

  • SweetJesus

    Go somewhere else Stonehearth. Are you serious? Body-policing? Gender conformity? Ah-hahaha! You know where you are? This aint your college course, fuckup, this is real life. You in the jungle, baby. Oh god how I would love to personally lay your ass to waste.

    • FeyCreature

      Aw, it's so cute, you're trying to sound all tough and worldly to disguise the fact that you don't actually understand the terms. Lots of these back up the idea of men as shallow, homophobic and revolted by anything they don't want to eat or screw, and in "The Jungle" most of us are going to spend our lives having to deal with and rely on other people. That works better if you be can respectful and mature. Here in real life, it's time to start acting like a damn grownup, not like an insecure teenage bully who responds to everything they don't agree with or just don't get with "I'll punch you!"

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