Some girls have such a heavy burden to carry (30 Photos)

  • Lisa_Martin

    Initial thought WOW then OW…but mostly WOW….except for the terminal duck face in 9…other than her, WOW OW WOW…excellent work Chive.

    • TIZ

      I didn't see her duck face I was to busy staring at her boobs.

      • BigDingo

        at first I was like: fap
        and then I was like: quack?
        but then I was like: fap fap fap

      • happy dick

        She can get away with the duckface because she's MILFy. I don't know why, it's just science.

  • DNC

    Hot Damn!

  • RGH

    Rosie Jones is the best thing ever!

  • Ross Stamm

    i will gladly help you carry them

  • Lisa_Martin

    Bob…why is it when I copy paste this link into a friends facebook account, the avatar is of a topless dude? And there are 81 pics…not 30? Hmmmmmmmm? Y'all screwing with us again? Not that I'm complaining…lol

  • Nec

    It is 6am where I live and I have to admit, you made my day this early in the morning, thank you chive

  • G Funk

    If I ever met number 7, she would fall in love with me.

    • moar

      yes, more #7

    • Ozzy Samper

      #7 was beautiful :')

    • Rob

      dude 7 is mine…don't talk about my girl like that

  • M J

    So number 9, which is it: Thong or Commando?

    • Bdrizzle

      my question is Who is she?? Hot damn! Wishful thinking says commando but probably thong.

  • Oh Hey

    Guys.. for some reason my pants feel tighter around the crotch.. I don't know I just scrolled down to the bottom and my pants are tight. What should I do?

    • Ben

      If it last more than four hours….rock on.

    • HANK


    • Chrome

      hoss off

  • Why Not?

    7 needs her own post. thumbs?———–>

    • eclipze

      7 FTW !!!

    • HANK

      @ 1st I was like 7 FTW but then I was like 18 fap fap fap but hen I was like 25 MOAR

    • David

      SEVEN. moar seven

    • Brownie

      Anyone know who #7 is?

  • Ben

    Couldn't stop staring at #4….and Im glad #9 isn't wearing pants because I can look past the duck face

    • armchairnixon

      #4 is Jordan Carver. She needs to be on the Chive more often.

      • Ash

        She is something special… I was thinking of her while I was looking at the others!!

        Shameful I know 😦

    • stephen B.

      I love the first one!

  • Bobba Fett

    I love you chive. Toss a cold one back for me in N.O.

  • Northman

    Beautiful. Though, tragically, none of these busty babes have names. Can the Chive community help these poor, well-endowed women find their names?

    • Someguy

      #1 Denise Milani #4 Jordan Carver #26 Lucy Pinder.

  • boognish

    Number 9…number 9…number 9…

    • SG34

      Denise Milani…….and i hate her, she never shows a nip, just tease…..BULLSHIT

  • Rainier

    #27 luisana lopilato?

  • Anonymous

    Number7. Who is she?

  • Unwavering

    Anyone know who #12 is?

  • boognish

    Number 13 is naked. I like that.

    • Its-a me, Mario

      never mind the fact that there is 15 miles between her left boob………..and……….her right boob. Its awesome.

    • nope


    • Herby Sagues

      And everyone wishing it started raining.

  • 11fan

    i ment 11…

    • SG34

      I wish i knew…….i wish i knew…….

      • Duffman

        I know, it's Desiree Elyda Villalobos

  • davey


  • alibaba

    who is #3

    • P90

      Kelly Brook.

  • fmello

    1 & 9 are Denise Milani.

  • fmello

    3 is Kelly Brook.
    23 is Katy Perry.
    26 is Lucy Pinder.

    • hotdogneck

      #7 is All I Need.

  • 11fan

    who is 1,1 please tell me i need to know?

    • Rinseup

      Denise Milani

  • Virulent87

    9 duck face =)

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