A hail of a storm (21 Photos)

  • icejingles

    Thats got to suck.

    • Qwerty

      not really, i think mythbusters said something about dents making them more 'aerodynamical'

      • Qwerty

        I mean, Aerodinamic

        • Qwerty

          aerodynamic ..shit

    • w/eeeee

      what global warming?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=675685603 Jesse Eldridge

    damn, that's the kind of hail that could really hurt someone if they got caught outside in it, that would suck.

    • Nicnac

      actually that would kill someone… I once experienced a freak hail storm in Oklahoma, large but not that large and it knocked Canadian Geese out of the sky killing them.

      • what?

        Your story is full of holes. Canadian geese in Oklahoma, I'm not buyin it.

        • Fistfullofh8&change

          lol. yer dum.

  • Brett

    Selective hail… It only hits the crap cars

    • jessie

      expensive cars are kept in garages. Or at least mine would be if I had one.

  • Yogi

    Would kill mother nature until she died from it.

  • madC

    lol so many shit cunts copping it

  • Penelope

    Reminds to update on insurance.

  • ShadowCorp

    Living in Colorado we get hail storms like this often out towards the plains, was always afterward that was a good time to buy a car. 30k car drops down to 15k or lower due to dents and dings.

  • urno

    love it when it happens to good cars. serves you right for having a good car.

    • [clevernamehere]

      Socialist much?

    • http://www.vitalguitar.com BBAmp

      it's their money, they earned it. If you want to be poor it's your choice. People with nice cars happen to like having nice cars and/or they like having a little extra money so that they can buy status symbols. You live in a capitalistic society. Deal with it.

      • FuckOff

        Yeah, people totally choose to be poor, not like it's due to social circumstance, unemployment, trickle down economics or the other million ways one can end up broke. Good call you fucking idiot

        • andrea

          no i do agree, in this country being poor forever is a choice, being poor short term is not. but if you become poor or find yourself to be poor than you have the opportunity to change that. with all the programs for the less fortunate in this country, there is really no excuse to be poor for long periods of time, if you loose your job, collect unemployment and go to vocational school with financial aid, get some assistance from your state for child care and take ur butt to school, get some solid training on a career in abundance like electrician, plumber, nursing assistant, ect. im from a very poor area, in my experience most of the time it was that person's choices which made them poor. hardly ever is someone poor and its not their fault. most of the time people are on drugs, or just lazy single parents. If i could make a life out of nothing, than anyone can. the only, only exception i would say is for a disabled individual who was born that way, those are really the only type of people who cannot control their circumstances, so mr. "fuck-off", i do believe most people who are poor, choose to stay that way on their own terms. just sayin…

          • yep

            nobody read this

            • Fistfullofh8&change

              I red it. poor people r dumb.

              • F U Chiveassholes

                Just how poor are you then?

          • freezeaddict

            Lol, all you guys should visit mexico and see what the real meaning of Long term poor is about.

            Here, if you are poor, you only get worst even if you have a doctorate.

        • Dom

          Most people that are poor long-term are that way because they don't do anything about it. So it is their fault.

  • Sam

    #18 Plastic Saturn…LOL

    • who knew

      Most cars fenders are plastic now a days.

    • Jimmy

      they call them "Dent Resistant panels"

  • Crystal

    Reminds me of the great hail storm of Perth, Australia earlier this year. Definitely one of the scariest experiences of my life. I was studying in the basement of SCG hospital which flooded and the walls started shaking. It was summer so we were all wearing shorts and thongs (don't get excited boys…. they're shoes – you Americans call them flip-flops) and we had to wade through icy thigh-deep water to get anywhere. The university I attend was totally smashed up, as was my car. I got all the windows replaced but it looks like a massive golf ball. Driving it back home through the second storm was a fun experience :/

    • [clevernamehere]

      There are companies that travel around to hail damaged areas and pull the dings out of cars. They make a FORTUNE!! Especially at car dealerships that have to eat most of that loss if they can't sell the car. At least, HERE they do.

  • Ben

    Where did this happen? Minnesota? Im glad shit like this doesn't happen in Oregon…

    • Special_K

      But you guys got volcanoes!

      • andrea

        wtf?? there are volcanoes in oregon????

        • Ballzonya


          • Fistfullofh8&change

            rite next to the wendys on market ave.

            • Bjezz

              One of the guys in our motorcycle club out of Vegas is a pilot, one of the nicset laid back people ever. You would never have a clue that he was a Thunderbird pilot.

  • who knew

    The guys who really make a killing are the fly by night roofing guys. I suspect at least 70% of the building needed some sort of roof work done.

  • jamie

    power owned by the sky !!!!!!

    • Sophie

      The only reason plepoe think that Idina Menzel was the best was because she was the original, and that\’s how plepoe know the show/role. All of them are good, otherwise they wouldn\’t be on Broadway.

  • Matt

    Did the volcano ashes got to your brain?

  • dreamkeeper

    The balls r tuching : (

    so gay ….

  • loudpurplehair

    shame most people cant claim for 'acts of god' on their insurance

  • Sarah

    HOly freak – doesn't this kinda remind you of the film 'the day after tomorrow' …..

  • Rob

    I am so glad i live in California.

  • equalizermax


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=591747781 Erich Backhus

    We had a storm like this in San Antonio. Brand new car has dents…

  • BloodScrubber

    Ut-Oh…better get Maco. (had to be said)

    Proof Mother Nature rules.

  • Pfft

    I don't feel so bad about hitting that deer now. This is obviously much worse.

  • gozer

    we had a storm in VA, my guys car now looks like a golf ball.

  • Alfred

    How much fun it is to read about Sterling NY, the town I visited as a child with my fmlaiy. My grandfather was Hugh B Dugan and my father was Hugh Carlyle Dugan and my brother is Sloane Dugan. So many fmlaiy names! Such fun we had hopping in Grandpa Dugan’s old car where we could peek through the floor boards and see the ground on our way to to Uncle Allen and Aunt Francis’s farm. Good stuff for a little “city girl” living in Nutley NJ.Thanks for such fond memories,Susan Dugan Burgermaster

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