A lot of make-up goes a long way in China (15 photos)

  • equalizermax

    Worst thing could happen when you woke up in the morning and have the girl from the left besides you in bed…

  • im still high as?

    3 POINTS! good day sir

  • http://www.facebook.com/JustinVincentHall Justin Hall

    Chive, I love you, but you need to put a rest to these posts. It's fine every once in a while, but every "with make-up/without make-up" has focused on Asians.

    I'm Asian, and I'm totally cool with poking fun at the girls that rape their make-up kits, but focusing exclusively on them for every post invites retards like the ones above to make shit, racist generalizations that reasonable people find offensive. Chive, stop being tone-deaf.

  • BloodScrubber

    Thats some scary shyt right there. (00)

  • http://www.facebook.com/glynnis.holloman Glynnis Paige Holloman


  • Robert.

    That was enlightening. OMG some of these girls look horrible without the make up. Huge difference with it on.

  • Waymon38

    It's amazing how much better they look with makeup and wigs, yet the same cannot be said for Lady Gaga….

  • Bean Splice

    They all look a bit busted. Sorry guys. I've met better looking asian chicks.

  • the captain

    it's like magic. horribly deceptive, dream crushing magic.


    same can be said about any race…why is it that its always theres only posts about asian girls?

  • Dude

    Wow, it's pretty ignorant always posting asian girls without the makeup. People should go out more.

  • Mandy

    This is literally the case with almost every girl you see on a daily basis – not just Asian girls. It's usually more noticable with Asian girls because they can use makeup to make their eyes look much, much bigger.

  • fred

    some look better without makeup.
    i think 13 before is pretty cute

  • tex

    is no one noticing the different facial shapes??

  • http://www.facebook.com/Taka.tan Traci Kitchens

    i'm sure no one actually thinks this applies to all girls that are asain. it's just some girls use more make-up than others and for pictures like this, they will purposefully take pictures at bad angles and have bad lighting to make the transformation picture look more amazing.

  • Gabriel

    True, but that's the point with all races, there are some that use loads of make up and some who don't. I just think Asia came up with the whole cuteness thing (I don't see it in Europe or America very often) selling circle lenses for bigger eyes effect, and that's why they put it up here.

  • http://www.uselessfacts.8k.com Gyro

    Why is #10's boobs bigger?

  • art13

    chive, why are you always putting up "hey look asian girls are actually fugly" posts from time to time? once is funny, having recurrent posts that act like a damn reminder to your readers is kinda getting borderline racist.

  • Tammy

    The reason they look so much better is that they have those weird contacts in that make their eyes look much bigger.

  • dee

    who doesnt look like shiet w/out makeup.

  • dee

    why are some people on here so damn ignorant. dont look if your not interested.
    paris hilton does not wake up every morning with the same hair weave everyday.

  • JDub

    there is no way all of these are the same chick with just makeup. It's gotta be make up and plastic surgery. just look at the eyes on #12 she had to have had whatever the procedure is called to make them more round

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