theCHIVE is in New Orleans. Join us tomorrow! (3 Photos)

pat obriens theCHIVE is in New Orleans. Join us tomorrow! (3 Photos)

TheCHIVE is in the Big Easy this weekend and we wanna meet our awesome Chivers. We’ll be at the famous Pat O’Brien’s pub in the French Quarter tomorrow, Saturday Nov. 13th from 2-4 PM. This is not an official meet-up or anything (we’re planning one for Chicago soon). We’ll just be there drinking n’ stuff so swing by and have a Hurricane with boys from theCHIVE, theTHROTTLE, and theBRIGADE. You can even meet the girls from theBERRY, who happen to be our sisters so look but don’t touch. Feel free to ask John about Season 4 of True Blood which he won’t be able to answer because he’s dumb, or you can just throw stuff at the new guy.

Hope to see y’all there!

Leo n’ John

  • martin

    oh hell yes, driving in from Terrytown!

  • felicity

    consider this my rsvp<3

  • mark

    will you be bringing any chivettes?

  • jamison

    well i should say hi

  • Lowrent75

    Hmm…Wife is out of town. I have the kids. Roadie from the northshore is order!!

  • franklin

    little help here. John plays the deputy on true blood??


      yeah and he owns the chive. basically, the two best jobs on earth. but i'm an accountant which is really cool too *sighs*

  • taylor

    i'm mentally packing an overnight bag

  • _HypoLuxa_

    mmmmmm . . . Hurricanes.

  • laura

    i love the berry!! mmmhmmm. i'm in

  • sam sneeed


  • mattythegooch

    Are Emily and "The Super-Hybrid" showing up??? If so, I possibly might.

  • astor

    Mandeville represent. I owe the chivery a drink for all the lol's they given me.

  • anon

    if the berry sisters are going, so am i

  • Jack

    lol, I'll be there. I need your help to convince my girlfriend she'll want to be a chivette.

  • Joe N

    I'll definitely be there. I live in Baton Rouge! Woot!!

  • fireoff

    it's 200 miles to NOLA, I gotta full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and I'm wearing sunglasses. Hit it

    • Lowrent75


  • Sleezy

    Great place! I highly recommend the Penthouse club, one of the better ones there IMO!

  • seriously

    wow….bad idea chive. You are going to have some crazy clingers all weekend.

    • peter

      yeah, they just opened up a can of crazy internet worms. I'M FUCKING INB)

  • Garrett LaFoy

    Count me and as many as three others in! Getting shit rocked with the chivers this weekend!!!

  • parfor

    I'll try and bring some tail. hell yes, drunk with the chivery. can't wait

  • yeti

    Damn i'll be at the LSU game tailgating

  • Niko T

    I'll pass by and buy The Chive bosses a hurricane. It's the least I can do.

    /thankful you said Pat O's and not Oz

  • bubblerider86

    I only live 3 hours from NOLA…, Damn work!!! 😦

  • bee

    Come to Charleston! (SC not WV). We love you long time! But, uh, come next week cause I'm going out of town and won't be back 'til monday. 😉

  • skunkboy

    your lucky its only homecoming this week at LSU i guess i need to come stop buy…dont fill up on too many hurricanes their sweeeet like boones farm…

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