So I Googled… (22 photos)

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    • Justin Hall

      You're an idiot?

      • First&Foremost

        Jealous much Justin Hall? I wash my 89 Toyota Corolla in your tears.

        • HANK

          Yes justin hall is a swindler stay far away from him

    • Huh


  • Paulio

    Number 21 is Jordan AKA Katie Price.


    Dont like fake titties

    • Ben


    • Ryan White

      apparently beggars can be choosers

    • SG34

      Well fuck u both because i live for them!!

    • Northman

      If they're there and I can touch 'em, they're real enough for me.

    • Si @ OP

      You're not a boq'er are you?

  • Catence

    And how many of these do you think are surgically enhanced "perfect breasts"?

    • curiousjorge

      how about yours??? they seem to be staying put while lying down? just curious, don't get mad.

      • Catence

        Mine are completely real. The reason they are staying put? It is called a bra. 🙂

        • Its-a me, Mario

          I think you should share this news with Jessica Alba. It may help her from falling victim to photoshop hero's

    • Jimmy

      fake breasts do not belong in "perfect breasts" category in my opinion

      • the real d. nozzle

        I agree. "Perfect fake breasts" is an oxy-moron.

      • jason

        My girlfriend has "fake breasts" and they are pretty damn nice. As long as the chicks go to a good dr, and dont go over board, I don't see the problem.

        • a BiPolar guy

          agreed. There are the two-halves-of a-ball super obvious, totally unnatural ones, and there are the ones done by a good dr. Yes you can detect them a lady's on her back, but they are very natural looking most of the time.

    • Brah

      A shameful amount, by my guess.

  • pingpong

    #15 big blue vein running along the top = not perfect

    • Fanny-Punch


    • HANK

      I like it, it matches the big blue vein running along my penis

    • hmm

      Uh, having veins are part of being human. I'm guessing you prefer the type of woman that's made out of plastic.

  • Its-a me, Mario

    at #11 I was pleased, overjoyed, happiness times infinity, at #21 I lost my appetite, will to live and damned all surgeons who make money saying to girls that 'yes of course an F cup still looks nice'.

  • LT B


  • Kix

    Perfect breasts =/= plastic.

  • nick

    you know whats good? breasts. you know whats not good? fake breasts. you know whats also not good? fosters.

    • Ben

      Well played sir. Well played

      • Fistfullofh8&change

        Well we know you can't hold both your liquor or a sweet pair of titties, so if Ben was saying you're an elitist douche then I too say- Well played. Beer and tits are like pizza…etc etc.

  • johndory

    i was stuck on #3 for quite some time…

  • Jason

    keeley hazell 😀

  • Ben

    #20 looks wonderful

  • INawe


  • Pyp

    As a woman and a gay girl I can firmly say that real is far better, and personally speaking I like my small boobs.
    We need to stop telling young people that fake = perfect, because it is far from true.

    When I touch boobs I WANT them to feel like boobs.

    • Its-a me, Mario

      This has become more true because you are a girl and gay. Otherwise I would not have believed you. As a rule I only allow gay girls to influence my opinion of boobs in the matter of fake vs. real.

      Rock on.

      I also love how you put 'firmly' in there. Well played.

    • Guz

      Please will you talk some more about playing with other girls breasts? Be as graphic as you like.

      • Pyp

        Well Guz…

        I remember a very nice pair of breasts that I got to squeeze and caress. These breasts where just right in size, all natural and felt and looked like breasts should. I could not wait to get those beautiful things into my mouth, my lips dripped with excitement…

        Then I finished preparing the chicken and put it into the oven. 😛

        • Dan

          Now that was well played

  • armstrongproduct

    BEnaR beNAR ukURAn DADa YanG SEmpURNA

  • Manddy Smith

    thumbs up for #9 being the most natural looking here!

  • Obadiaha

    3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 16 verified real

  • japtrap

    So whats wrong with a little plastic, get over it, that's the way the world looks today.

  • [clevernamehere]

    Fake does not always equal hard, or wonky, or even bad. I have seen, and gotten to enjoy, quite a few great surgically enhanced tits. A good boob job is almost impossible to discern from real ones. It's just the uneven, rock hard, disproportioned porn/stripper tits that give the rest of them a bad name.

    Open your minds, haters.

    • hyssop

      Yes and bad Steriods make men rage and punch people who make this kind of comment, whereas good Steriods can make a man get a better look by working less hard for it. There is nothing wrong with liking the natural look, it's not close minded it is a mind set that will create more self esteem for those who can't afford "surgically enhanced tits".

    • Its-a me, Mario

      I like how you mentioned there that you have been around. If you were a girl you would be a slut. Now, I might just call you master of the universe. Seen and enjoyed.

      just as a question to ease our minds, what other boob jobs are there besides the uneven, rock hard, disproportioned porn/stripper tits. The 'bag of sand'? the 'No I can easily carry this double D'? The 'do my nipples look stretched'?

      I am curious now.

      • Amber

        FYI I have fake breasts. People can't even tell. They r soft supple u can't feel anything at all. Maybe before u shoot ur mouth off u should do some research. There are new materials being used along side new procedures. Unfortunetly a lot of women can't afford to buy the best so they r left with these kind of breasts u describe. I loved my small breasts and I also love them larger. U sound like a very one sided black and white kind of person. Sad

        • Paul D. Candelaria

          Most people don't WANT to be able to tell. They want to maintain the blind worship of breasts. That's fine for them but I have yet to see a plastic tit (or however you want to nice it up) that even looks real let alone acts or feels real. And just for your wake-up call; expensive boobs aren't necessarily better, just costlier. It's a shame you didn't think of self-improvement over insertion-of-dangerous-substance in your body to attract people.

    • aosux

      No one believes you have ever seen, much less enjoyed, any part of a real womans body. Nice try tho.


    Top half of #4 is terrible. Bottom half of #4 is awesome.

  • Rodd Hungwell

    The winner HAS to be Alba in the see-thru!!!

  • Bud Ugly

    I vote for Keeley Hazell for perfect breasts.

    But for best breasts + face combo, I'd give to Jessica Alba.

    Denise Milani might be second for both categories.

  • Patrick Wichert

    chive, more of #9, errr…. 36DD, lol.

  • Ken

    I like your google skills

  • Kad

    meh, a lot of them are fake. I'd take a natural, nicely shaped small B cup over fake, perfect spheres stuck on your chest D cup any day.
    Maybe it's just a lesbian thing that I find fake boobs repulsive (most of the time).

    But nice thread regardless 😀

  • thetech2

    Salma wins everytime

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