There are sexy Chivers among us (47 Photos)

Thanks to all the Chivettes for sending in their photos this week! The response to this post has been nothing short of amazing. Keep in mind, this awesome post is nothing without out Chivettes. So if you're a sexy Chiver, start submitting your photos for next week as soon as you can.
<strong>AWESOME INSTRUCTIONS</strong>: Grab your camera (phone) and write 'Hi Chivers' on a sign or some part of your body (be as creative as you like). Then use our <a href="">handy-dandy upload pag</a>e or send pics to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com and collect internet fame. Do it for the awesomeness of partial nudity. Do it for your country!

Chive On!
- John n' Leo

ps. If you're in New Orleans, come <a href="">meet us</a> for a drink tomorrow!

We had a couple that were just a lil’ too nsfw for the gallery so…. HERE.

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  • MikeyCorl

    #9 – what I would do to that probably can't be described as "kind."

  • less10percent

    I was wondering when 19 was going to get some love. Great smile (and other assets as well)

  • Carnage

    I have to say that #2 is absolutely gorgeous, and creative at that.

  • Uconn07

    that's cuz it's not the same girl… the second chick is Helen Loomis from Connecticut!

  • goatman

    #45 "The gap" is also called "factory air"

  • greg

    #5 for the win

  • chris

    #34……. what a stunning girl, could we get more of her ?

  • Nathanael Joseph Russin

    thumbs up for #11! way to stick to your moral guns! 🙂

  • steve

    thank you Chive for curing the dreaded "Duck Face" !!!!!

  • In Love

    #19 and #33 are the two most beautiful Chivers I have ever seen. Please PLEASE make them their own gallery.

    Chive, you are the best part of my life!

  • MattLite

    #34 just made my jaw drop


    #9: oh, i'll be VERY kind ………

  • Heavy Metal Cowboy

    #11 Regular? Your Beautiful.

  • brent

    number 19 and 30 love it. find her!!

  • Always Last


  • Haze

    #19 we demand MOAR. Best looking girl I ever seen. Find her please.

  • Joe

    #19 find her please

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