Things that bounce Part II (10 GIFS)

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  • Dynamo

    Who is 7?

  • tst4eko

    12 is just a prick tease

  • Gregory Nelson Courtney

    #12 still pisses me off. but i guess there's sites for that lol

  • Pants

    Gotta love the almighty ass.

  • equalizermax

    #12 is still the best…

  • HANK

    Must have #3

  • Shitfaced


  • its_forge

    Alizee, your bottom is so legendary, so epic, so beyond extraordinary, the whole world adores your bottom, even hetero women, your bottom is a thing of worship, please bless us with more views of your bottom.

  • rawnoyz


  • somethingcreative

    so much Alizee!! love it.

  • Tho

    #1 and #6 are the same french chick, Alizée
    notice that she inspire the night elfe woman dance in WoW
    the original clip

  • Lisa_Martin

    Anyone else see gif's in their daily life now? I saw a gal walking down the aisle in the store…automatically looped it over & over in my head. I was a passenger in a car…looked down…the bumps in the road made my boobs jiggle. Immediate mental loop of my own boobs?!?! Thechive's ruined us people. I'm tellin' ya. 😛 LOL S'just so wrong it's right.

    btw…great collection…the gal from a couple days ago absolutely belongs in here…in reverse though. 😉 Chive on.

  • Bud Ugly

    I have a crush on Rachel McAdams. If that's her ass, then forget a crush — I'm moving on up to stalker.

  • Bean Splice

    This is ASStonishing!!

  • benbobbins

    Don't get me wrong, it's awesome and all, but I still go for post #1.

  • Where in the WORLD

    number 3 WOW well done, and chive i take it you don't check IDs number 9

  • buffettlife

    it's like she can barely fit that amazing tush in there.

  • Bob

    Alizee is so cute!

  • Kryptik

    First of all what movie or show is # 10 from and who is she? Secondly, PLEAASE keep posting the bounce series DONT EVER STOP WITH THE BOUNCINESS. LOL Thanks guys

  • nd1512

    im pretty sure number 9 is in elemantary school

  • george

    # 8 for the win!!!
    #12's boyfriend didn't like that very much lol.

  • Damon

    WHO IS NUMBER 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • overtaf

    #2 name is Alizée a french singer

  • vilios

    who is #12 ??? Tell me pleaaaseeeee 😀

  • Hoeheim

    #3 Vida Guerra, has to be

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