Creepy and unbelievable 3D artwork by Fredo (16 Photos)

This artwork by 17-year-old artist Fredo takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a month. And on a personal note, I think I need to go and pray or something.


  • J-man85

    semi-cool, semi-WTF.

  • nilsen

    Meh.. I can do that anytime I like! lol.

  • Spiderpig615

    My mind, much like my cock, was just blown!!!

  • MrMiker

    Great talent, but VERY DARK.

  • BigDingo

    I find it neither unbelievable nor creepy… I think it's creative and awesome

    • Its-a me, Mario

      I was thinking the same, but then I looked at 11. If you wanna curse in your own drawing then you could just do that. I dont get it.

  • osborl12


  • Phil

    I think #11 is from Fallout 3 – Harold and Herbert

  • Rick

    Pretty damn awesome

  • youneverknow

    the extra finger in 15 is weird.
    FACT: you will not check picture 15 and count fingers

    overall: some pretty sweet pics and work

    • youneverknow

      now** wow, FAIL on my own behalf.

  • Sky

    #15 has another problem other than cutting off finger

  • Bisketz

    hes just kinda good with shadows. The actual art sucks.

  • equalizermax

    Good for him, better than playing video games at his age…

  • jessie

    These are incredible!

  • bob


  • The Archbishop

    Those things are sick, but why couldn't he do, like, animals and shit instead of the most morbid figures possible?

  • johndory

    #6 aahhh JUMANJI !!!

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  • metalcool36

    The man has some serious talent

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