Goofy GIFs -animal addition (13 gifs)

Please be patient while this very heavy gallery loads -thanks!

  • hossmank

    #6 – LMAO!

    • Six

      The owner deserves the very same treat!

  • mipo2010

    # 2 completely fucked with me

  • Tim

    We can assume you meant Edition, right?

    • Jackson

      I thought it was going to be animals doing simple math

  • El BrandO

    #14 looks like it's straight out of a bad dream.

    • Gecko

      every element of 14 just seems naturally designed to fuck with your head

  • matt

    is it just me, or are some of these terrifying?

    • hulkputcardinwallet

      Yes. And 4 and 5 don't need to be anywhere; they're not goofy, they're just awful. I fucken hate this whole "cats are kewlintrawebzOMGBBQ!!!11!!" bullshit that propped up.

  • Will Walker

    I feel so fucking sorry for that dog.

    • Logic76

      that's what he gets for teabagging the turtle earlier in the day

  • Big Los

    #6, having a bad day… He left himself wide open though…

  • Beano

    Oh no, not a sloth!

  • bob

    8 is soo adorable

  • BigDingo

    balls… hurt…. so bad

  • mattythegooch

    hahaha!! #12 is from "Italian Spiderman" (minus the sloth)……..peep it out when you have a second!!

    • Alex

      The sloth is called Buttercup and is from Costa Rica… I used to work with that animal years ago…! Nice one

  • Locode


    • Its-a me, Mario

      you know what's more uncool than a turtle biting your balls? A grammar nazi picking on the editors of a site he visits every hour to see if they have an update yet. Yeah thats right.

      • Gorgoroth

        nah, not really

        • Its-a me, Mario

          Ya rly

      • Big Los

        I think I'd choose the Grammar Nazi over a turtle biting my nuts… those fuckers don't play when they bite. That might just be a killshot right there.

  • Ari

    These are creepier than they are goofy…

  • Adoobee

    #14 freaked me out…

  • equalizermax

    #4 – freaks me out

  • tyanger

    #10 – funniest part is when he looks behind him – like he's seeing if anyone saw him freak out

  • Yo Mamma

    the last one is kinda freakin me out

  • jamie

    need moar creepy gif's

  • Greg

    #14- Awesome. I know what I'm replacing my cat with.

  • Ian

    12: How could he possibly think that was good acting? The guy was great, though.

  • Bud Ugly

    Haha @ the turtle going after the dog's balls.

  • jessie

    i think # 4 has ruined owls for me, thats so gross

  • helpermonkey

    HHNF looked super hungry in #14,

    • Shogun

      love the uncalled for low blow…do keep up the good work chiver!!

      • McBeastie

        uncalled for? a low blow to HHNF is absolutely never uncalled for.

  • TheJamaicanGuy

    #14 has never failed to disturb me.

  • Robert

    I've never seen a creepier animal than those owls at #14. That's a side of owls i have never seen before, believe that. They looked like ghosts are something. That was crazy. No wonder the Mexicans see owls as an omen of death.

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