Photobombs, awesome animal edition (23 Photos)

  • Kord

    16 also has the rare "ghost bomb"

    • Lance

      Holy shit! You're right! Creeeeeepy.

      • amrith777

        Dude!! That's fucked up!! Nice catch!!

        • a BiPolar guy

          nice picture but I hope no one takes pictures as evidence of anything anymore

    • chodenipples

      Sure it isn't a street light?

      • a BiPolar guy

        whatever it is if not photoshop, it casts a shadow. It maybe has a head made of a streetlight as you suggest but body is something else in front of streetlight. At first glance it looks translucent but I think that's just green light from the grass reflecting off it, giving the illusion of seeing green through it

  • Chrispeena

    #22 is awesome

  • Skedaddle

    #20 FTW.

    #24- move you little bastard!

    • RGH

      Definitely 20 FTW…and WTF. Necrophilia is just the start of that dog's issues.

  • stafferty

    #7 I died the duck blue because I've never seen a blue duck before. And to be honest I always wanted to see a blue duck

    • top dog

      Well, you got one now. I'll bet you would have shit a brick if it had yelled AFLAC!!!

      • stafferty

        I would have prefered "Rabbit season" but that works too

        • O'Doyle

          O’Doyle Rules!

  • WhiteGuyAtWork

    #24 damn dog

  • Beau

    Happy Happy Hippo!

    #7 Blue duck with skull collar. That's pretty awesome.

    • beau lover

      No you are awesome Beau

      • Beau

        *facepalm* Go away, troll!

  • LukasS

    #17 is probably the biggest *derp* I've ever seen.

    • LukasS

      Sorry, I take back my previous comment, just saw my own reflection

  • Dave

    …..I'm going to watch the volleyball girl ass in motivational post again..much better.

  • chrisdg74

    Trying to look hot while a cow(?) is taking a leak behind you = fail.

  • Catence

    A great way to start Monday. These are awesome.

    • Catence

      No you are Awesome!

  • bacon

    Holy shit, #16!Look at the background!

  • Asdf

    #24 – need rest of the photo session! URL anyone?

  • HANK

    Damn, jealous much there ry ry?

  • equalizermax

    #14 – walrus face – LOL!

  • bob

    17 and 19. hilarious

  • a BiPolar guy

    I think several of these are actually made much better by the animals, so I'm not sure they count as "bombs"

    sadly several appear to faked as well.

  • MB13

    #24 move dawg!!!!!!

  • Nelson Costa

    #1 Look at those evil eyes o.0 that penguin is gonna fuk shit up..

  • seriously

    more please. =)

  • hulkputcardinwallet

    Just because she's "pretty and blonde" doesn't mean shit you idiot. "Pretty and blonde" women are a dime a dozen. I don't find it annoying so much as disappointing, but honestly, deep down I don't truly give a shit about this woman or that "duchebag".
    I'm pissed about the blue duck. That has got to be abuse or tainting livestock or something. I hope it doesn't ruin the meat. Duck is awesome.

  • Your Mother

    Some of these are obviously fake 😐

  • C Fo

    is it just me… or am i that stoned… i see a batman symbol in picture number one

  • joedoe

    anybody else notice the massive "man-hands" on the chick in #21, i hope that's photoshopped otherwise i don't think i'll be unable to sleep tonight… if i was dating that girl i'd just be waiting for her to bust out with the "HULK SMASH"!!

    • kater

      f her hands. the biotsch is a rude & nasty slut. hope sb gags her to oblivion with a phat cocccck

  • Keith

    #7 – Well, I made the duck blue because I'd never seen a blue duck before and I wanted to see one.

  • J_Pooh

    #24 What'chu talkin' 'bout Willis

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