Bizarre, yet amazing, skyscrapers around the globe (23 Photos)


  • Nate

    Pictures need labels…. so that I can go visit!

    • wadafakutakinbout

      #7 is in North Korea so goodluck visiting that one.

      • howdur

        Video games taught me that

    • Memememe

      #1 is Thailand.. its called the Elephant building at Rachayothin

    • Patrick Diesing

      #4 and #5 is Hong Kong
      #19 is Beijing, I believe.

    • Maynard B

      Most of these are in Dubai U.A.E.

      • DaddyD

        2, 3, and 13 are all Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
        19 is Beijing
        22 is London
        14 and 15 are somewhere in the FSU (note Cyrillic letters)
        Based on the construction style, I would guess that 11 and 12 are also in the FSU
        Some might be in Dubai, but not most. Most of Dubai's truly awesome skyscrapers are not here.

        • Libertariandude

          Lol, for 1 or 2 seconds I thought "that doesn't look anything like Florida State U". Then it dawned on me, of course, you're refering to the former Soviet Union

    • The Dude

      # 20 & 21 are Umeda Sky Building in Osaka Japan. You get to go on top for a few bucks pretty cool. Although the escalator going up to the top freaked me out

    • ukd

      my sentiments

  • Catence

    #18 looks like the worlds greatest jungle gym.

    • Lisa_Martin

      I want to put a roller coaster around & through it.

    • GMO

      God I love your boobs.


    #14 and 15 are in Belgrade, Serbia

  • pocketboy

    You missed Cocoon Building in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Pretty cool

  • IceK9

    11 & 12: Arkhangelsk city, Russia

  • Water-tot

    LOL at #18. The Watts towers…… located in the heart of beautiful south central california. good one chive.

  • rezner

    #6 is the Lloyds building in London

  • rezner

    oh and #22 is the gherkin building also in London

    • The Dude

      I always thought that looked like a sex toy

  • Mark Konior

    Please die

  • broco billy

    #9 is the Beastie boys Headquarter

  • sven

    22 in in barcelona, known to the locals as la polla, or the cock

  • osborl12

    I think #12 is the Burrow, where the Weasleys live.

  • stafferty

    #2 makes me want a beer for some reason. #3, 6, 11 and 17 could make great locations for action movies

  • equalizermax

    They probably loves lego back in the childhood days

  • Urban

    Thanks for some of the locations in the comment section. Wished we had them all. Love the TV tower in Shanghai at night. Wish it was on this list.

  • akbar

    4 & 5 is Lippo Bank Tower at Jakarta, Indonesia

  • PT789

    #1 is in Bangkok, we call it 'Touk Chang', a direct translation is 'Building Elephant'

    #9 & #10 (same building) is also in Bangkok, but the pic is old, it is no longer Asia Bank's HQ, but UOB's. We call it 'Hoon-Yon', very predictably 'Robot' 🙂

  • Jake

    Little interesting fact: #7 has been vacant for 2 decades, it was never finished, and probably never will be. It is the Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea, also known as Hotel Doom.

  • Connor

    #12 very old, and the largest wooden house for one family.

  • Henry

    Please stop with this First crap!

  • Coldzilla

    OMG!! Douche!! :0)

  • Coldzilla

    Awwwwwwwwww ya missed the one with the ship on top 😉

  • Bisketz

    MOAR on #11/12

  • Biff

    Äkbar "4 & 5 is Lippo Bank Tower at Jakarta, Indonesia "

    Me- Nope, it is in Hong Kong. Still Lippo though.

  • Brand_n

    You forgot the CN Tower, which looks like a giant deformed phallus.

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