Candice, Miranda and Brooklyn in the buff in Russel James’ V2 (20 photos)

  • Semper

    I want to be Candice Swanepoel when I grow up. O_O

    • top dog

      I want to get in Candice Swanepoel when SHE grow up.

  • Fletch

    20!!!! Damn. Chive owns.

  • stafferty

    That's it, I'm buying a camera and calling mysef a photgrapher from now on.

  • jacob

    yah missed a nipple at 11

    • BooM

      looks like they fixed it. thanks a lot

      • bill

        Yeah, why do people always point this stuff out? Is it because some people must always correct others to make themselves feel better about themselves? Wait…

      • Benjamin Dennison

        you know they come in sets of two….

      • Philip J. Fry

        Some people are helpers….keep you're comments to yourself next time, apple polisher.

      • Terry Burke

        look at the other boob retard

    • stafferty

      I want to see you sufficated to death with something green and heart shaped. Man traitor

  • Skedaddle

    Need to book a trip. My kinda beach.

  • Wowza

    My boner just got a boner. Thanks #11

  • Skedaddle

    I wanna bounce quarters off #20….well, that and other things.

  • BooM

    where is the beach and why am i not there?

  • Anonymous

    Wow…I think you forgot a heart on 11….not that I am complaining.

  • Joel

    *googles Russel James*

  • aosux

    I'm switching the order of my name.

  • floscar

    Green little hearts, the bane of my existence!.

  • clenis9

    Can the ladies please stop going Brazilian. Bring back the bush! (nicely maintained, of course)

    • zym

      I like the cut of your jib. Well said, sir.

    • its_forge

      Actually Brazilian just refers to removing all the hair down under. A Brazilian usually means leave a little patch just above the mons pubis, which is what I like – no fuzz on the labia, little patch to rest my nose on. These are $15,000/day supermodels though, they're required to wear all sorts of bizarre different clothes and various states of dress and semi-undress and bush just gets in the way of all that. Frankly for fifteen grand a day I'd shave from the top of my head to the tips of my toes if they wanted me to.

      • northerner

        But that doesn't change the preferences of some of us guys that want to see a nicely maintained and properly trimmed thatch of pubic hair. That's natural. Stripped bare….is not. Our Humble Opinions.

  • DPH

    Great stuff. Now HQ Jennifer Love Hewitt please.

  • LukasS

    Thank god for TinEye!!!

  • Boner Kebab

    pretty lame. if this is a "no-nipple" site, then why did you even post these pics? could have just mention them in the "around the web" section and that's it. this way, you just became "probably the lamest site in the world".

  • a BiPolar guy

    why does chive censor the pics? How many guys here are offended by the sight of a nipple? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?. If it's supposed to make them SFW, wow you work in a different world than I do. I work at a major american university. Looking at pics of sexy babes at work would be a big issue regardless of a nipples. Skimpy clothing is enough to be severely frowned on. Just because something may not be legally sexual harassment (ands that murky), doesn't mean anybody wants to deal with a complaint by any of the women.

  • a BiPolar guy

    oh yes I do this at work. worth the ris

  • ROK

    whats a russel james V2? i must buy it.

  • jon besteman

    if you show the tush, why not the nipple?

  • F U Chiveassholes

    Damn you TinEye!!

  • guest


  • Catence

    She is absolutely gorgeous.

  • ANON chiver

    oh how badly i wish this post was NSFW

  • Coldzilla

    Ok that last one is EPIC! 0_0

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