Candice, Miranda and Brooklyn in the buff in Russel James’ V2 (20 photos)

  • Viking

    Not one to complain, but wtf with the green hearts?

  • its_forge

    I have to assume that last one is Brooklyn Decker since neither Miranda nor Candice really have that much going on to the rear. NOT that I wouldn't crawl one trillion miles through broken glass if it meant I got to drop dead at seeing their adorable little bottoms in person.

  • I Piss Excellence

    I'm debating whether or not this site is SFW. Show me with the thumbs—>

    • northerner

      Corporate firewall would block it, in an instant. And pop up a forbidden content window. That might get you a….visit in your cubicle from a corporate IT rep. Who would not be smiling.

  • Zacka

    17 is Amazing

  • Tubesteak

    Really bad effort censoring the good parts. Lucky I've seen the real pics

  • Dani

    Soooo. No link to the pic's WITHOUT the stupid green blobs!?

  • Santi

    Making lemonade (beautiful images) from lemon (perfectly symmetrical women) is never a problem but making lemonade ( beautiful images) when you have no lemon (asymmetrical women), now that is the challenge. These photographers with all kinds of assistants, make-up staffing and lots of expensive equipment and decent budgets will really be hard pressed to come out with bad images for publication. Again, a no brainer. Give them a disposal camera, no assistants, no budget and an asymmetrical model and see what they can come up with… that's the challenge 🙂

  • MornbenElissa


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