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  • Rebaz

    Who the man now dog?

    • toby

      someday when you grow out of your early teens, you'll realize you're not the man, dog

      • Rebaz

        LOL. you think I'm a teenager.

        • phlail

          LOL. you think it matters.

        • drbeene

          LOL you think you're not.

          • McLovin' It

            *fart* and thats what I have to say about that

  • felix

    11 is one of the funniest captions I've seen in a while

  • Art Vandelay

    11 was great!

    "Come at me bro" is due for its own gallery.

    • Htownpunk

      Is it just me, or does the George Washington character in the car look exactly like Robin Williams' long lost twin brother?

      • egnaro


        and i love that commercial even though im not a new challenger fan

  • nathan

    check out dudes leg in 22… that fuckin hurt

  • Robbo

    #9 Any crash you can walk away from…

  • BigDingo

    I lolled once our twice… your post amuses me sufficiently that you shall continue to live for now Chive

  • Bud Ugly

    "Lost my leg in Nom" was quite humorous.

  • Raul Duke

    #1 = God Bless the Phantoms!

  • Yow

    What on earth is funny about 22?

    • FLHomesteader

      Actually, what I think is funny is no longer on earth, but floating over a Subaru…

      He may think twice about trying to assault a moving vehicle.

      • obviously tarded

        ahhh, the dude just hit the gas. Look at that kids leg! good for him.

    • pingpong

      the hunter has become the hunted. I love it when gangbangers get their come-upins

    • uierowijf

      Apparently, kids getting run over. I don't get it either.

    • drbeene


    • BigDingo


    • Brah

      The little brats were throwing rocks at his car, so he kept going and gave them a piece of their own medicine. I may be a little bitter because a bunch of teens just vandalized my car, but I thought that photo was goddamn righteous.

    • Scott

      Footage was on 60 minutes maybe a month ago. This is in one of the hotly contested areas in Israel. The kids are Palistinian and are standing out in the street throwing rocks at Israli cars as they pass. I think it's funny BC it's what they deserve.

    • Yow

      A place so full of hatred and mistrust that little kids are throwing big rocks at cars and the adult drivers think it's appropriate to run them down. Yeah, that's just good clean fun.

      • Yow

        Yeah, he should probably get out of the car and give them a hug. Yep, that'll work.

    • lonin

      See video of Palestinian kids throwing rocks at Jews' cars, (apparently this is a common occurance) and this time they strayed too far into the street. Parents, photographers, Palestinian news all there to record it.

    • enough

      its hillarious… kinda like someone bringin a knife ot a gun fight… except a rock to a car haha

  • leeroyjenkins

    24 is the funniest thing I have seen in a while.

  • CalculatedRisk

    # 11 – I'll give you something real fucking hard to balance on.
    # 22 – only thing he's doing wrong is that he's only hit 2 out of the 5 dipshits.

  • mipo2010

    If Sarah Palin was seen "Parah Salin" I think that would be the equivalent of dividing by zero!!

  • J-man85

    goats are funny like that.

  • Chris

    #17 is in Germany, not America….

    • Alex

      Aldi-Süd. Yepp. You're right.

    • Daniel Deafep

      aldi is in merica 2

  • aleXTC

    2 is my favorite

  • maynard

    really hating all the cutsie cat and puppy shit…save it for the berry

  • Lynne Sandipants

    I love troll food! 😀 Makes me spit my own out when I read it all. hehe

  • keithp420

    #15, all i needed today…

    • MEEEEeeeee

      tell me about the fucking golf shoes

  • Alex McGlone

    I'm glad you used mine, chive. EEEEEEEEEEE

  • Nelson Costa

    #16 was i the only one that saw boobs? o.0

    • a BiPolar guy

      yes, yes you were.
      most guys like breasts, sure but your level of obsession suggests the need for psychiatric help. You may be paranoid schizophrenic, your delusion being that breasts are following you everywhere. Do the breasts talk to you? Do you feel they are spying on you for the CIA? If so run to the nearest psy-doc.

  • no1mini

    merge 22 and 28, and you have a winner 😀

  • Steve Shaw

    That's a better caption than what's currently on the pic.

  • Nelson Costa

    #11 well, it depends.. she can be drunk. besides that she's blonde 🙂

    • Candice

      All I see here is someone so deep in the friend zone they dont care how dumb they look…

  • Truth.Inc

    #24 is delicious.

  • John Morse

    23 and 27. HA HA! Greatness!
    I have seen #23 on another site too. I think it was called
    The whole site was captions and stuff.

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