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  • Coldzilla

    #28 – Ok every time I see that face in the commercial it reminds me of Robin Williams

    Anybody else?

    • Scruffytuba

      Lol YES. When I first saw the commercial, I actually thought it WAS Robin Williams

  • Josh

    My cat's named Ollie too!

  • the truth

    #22 did you see the leg on that kid! fuck!

  • Dan

    6 – Isn't this about the 5th time you've posted that pic?

  • Nunya bidnes

    27 is how I fell much of the time

  • AMueller

    How the F@%K has #20 become funny? How!?

  • RealityCHK

    Too bad we didn't see images like this during the LA Riots many years ago when the thugs were throwing rocks at cars, shooting at cars, yanking white people out of their cars and who can ever forget the white truck driver yanked from the cab of his truck and kicked, beat, pelted with bricks, etc. by the black thugmonkeys. Funny how that was never a "racial" thing in the media?? I would have given all the money I have if that truck driver would have PLOWED OVER THE THUGS that were throwing things at his truck just like the punks in those pictures. Oohhhh Sweeet Justice!! Splat Splat Splat…You're just a greasy spot in the road now thugs!!

  • Bass

    #22 is the perfect example of how Israel think they can treat other humans. I would throw rocks at the car as well if they were stealing my land and treating me like shit! Israel/Jewish community need to remember how they were treated in WWII and have some respect.

  • Albatross

    Where do the hilarious food spelled wrong pics come from? I want more!

  • kevin

    #22 is on youtube. Don't have link but just search for "Palestinian hit by car" to find it in all its glory.
    It would make a pretty good gif for anyone who was so inclined to make one.

  • Matt

    28 is so full of win, I wish we had an Australian version……………

  • mememe

    #11 – …on meth it is

  • fdg

    "fuck this im walking" seriously made me laugh out loud for like 20 seconds followed by smile then heavy smirk for a bit.


    #21 is also a good way to thwart rice rockets and low riders from entering the premises.

  • nicole

    #17 says its in america..though in the background there is an ALDI store which doesnt exist in america HA

  • Whovian

    #23 I've had that job before at LSU stadium and that guy ain got nothing on some of those fans. . .

  • Diana

    #24 rooooocks!!! haha

  • Dianaagain

    noooo, Im sorry #27 >.>

  • Peter Bergman

    #10 is in a nursing home at one of the stations. There are special facilities being built
    to provide care to super-sized folks; chairs, wheel chairs, beds, tubs even doors
    must be built to accommodate their size and weight.

  • kyle

    #12, holy crap, I had that same lamp my entire childhood. Not sure what happened to it, but i loved it.

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