Daily Afternoon Randomness (40 Photos)

  • pal

    Five Guys ————>

    • Rangerdanger

      brb goin' to Five Guys

    • Long Duck Dong

      Cajun Fries are awesome

    • Johnny Chimpo

      5guys is a good but it has nothing on In N Out. Good luck with the free peanuts

      • http://www.facebook.com/Spaded21 Mark Konior

        Of course 5 Guys is way better, but it's a different class of restaurant

    • Careverga

      5 guys FTW!!!!!!!!!!

      I thought they were only in the washington DC/VA area?

      • anarcrust

        They just spread out. They have them here in washington state now too.

    • Andy

      Had 'em both. I'll take 5 Guys. Smash Burger is the bomb too though.

    • kingblc

      Five Guys is awesome!!!!

  • paul

    Yeah, I'd bone your boss' daughter. Gotta go out with a bang

    • Raul Duke

      I have boned his boss' daughter.

    • busted

      I see what you did there.

  • randomdreamr

    Chick w/ 3 boobs FTW

    • LukasS

      anyone else immediately search google for 'girl with 3 boobs'??

    • Brah

      Anyone else notice the amputee guy in the background? I'm wondering what's going on in that house…

      • Xmtr

        That's a dummy used in self-defense training. It's called a BOB – Body Opponent Bag.

    • Logic76

      My Total Recall dream has come true!

      • porn addict

        ive seen her. she was on slut load. she was in a video with "weird partners"
        dont ask

  • jake

    so chive was blocked at work 'cause we're all addicted. Today he had our IT guy unblock it because work moral had 'taken a steep dive'

    fuck yeah B)

    • mikez


      • Ballzonya

        Get fucked…you know what he meant.

      • Zacka

        no he meant moral

        as in – there were no morals left at work without the chive

  • mipo2010

    Doing unspeakable things to the bosses daughter…Priceless!!! There's some things in life money can't buy and for that there is grudge f*cking the bosses daughter

  • Dan

    never quit that job. ever.

    • Anonymous

      …. unless she gets pregnant. Then run like Forrest, motherf*cker.

  • Yourfreakindaddy

    19 you just look like a dork!

    • g unit

      so, you're saying he does look like mason crosby then, right?

    • hot carl

      is pic 21 also you?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-LePla/100001001554365 Justin LePla

      i wish i could like this more than once

  • jane s.

    32 knocked me out of my seat. didn't see it comin

  • Danny P

    #23 – not with Favre's tiny dick.

    • Logic76

      yeah no way–she has man hands

    • R_W

      not with hitler's dick, either

      • ace

        not with her own dick

  • parlay

    derek does it again

  • aleXTC

    Look up the heart attack grill in Glendale AZ Puts five guys and in and out to shame PERIOD. trust me check it out.

    • smallchinaman

      I've been to the one in Chandler, AZ. The only reason to go is to catch a glimpse of the waitress' coochie when she bends over to get your Coke out of the Igloo cooler. That's right, this "fanatastic" place gets your drinks out of a cooler on the floor.

      • http://www.myspace.com/leeroynowandlater bob the builder

        Are u too good for a cooler on the floor? that is where your mom stores her afterbirth; you inbred chud!

    • dutchesnophillies

      I like the Chuck Box in Tempe. is the heart attack grill the same thing as the grill next door?

      • chris

        I have two words; "Animal Style". Nuff said

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    Mr. Chive Man John:

    Here's the deal. this is a "SFW" website. But fuck man, the titles are all wrong. It aint so safe when my history says I spent my day looking at "sexy busty babes" and the like. Make them incognito. Got a lower back problem post? Do us working stiffs a favor and title it "How to make your boss even more money, cause you love him so." It is not that hard. Don't sell us out anymore.

    • Its-a me, Mario

      Because if it says "How to make your boss even more money, cause you love him so." Than your boss doesnt go and have a closer look at it.

    • Anonymous

      Also, "TPS Reports" for the really nasty dirty sexy sh*t.

    • nathan

      I have to agree with the DN on this one (first time) we all need to thumb it up so leo and john will get the point… soooo… thumbs everyone!!!

      • nathan

        PS. him not me

    • John

      It's a good point. We title our posts the way we do for SEO purposes. We def. can't use misleading titles a la 'my boss is awesome' but we might be able to tone it down a bit. I'll look into it.

      • The Dude

        Yea John this is the first time this has been brought up but why didnt I think of it. Sometimes I hover over the link to see what it say or will say when I click so I just do not click lol thanks

    • OwnerOfYou

      Your concern is a good one. However, it most browsers you can eliminate any history from being saved whatsoever. Sure, you may have to type out all web addresses manually every time, turning off AutoFill, and the like, but at least your immediate concern is diffused.

      I use Google Chrome for example. All history saving of any sort is disabled. No one will every know I commented at least 5 times on The Chive today…

      Safe Surfing to All!

      • Unwavering

        Turning the history off will keep it from being saved on your computer, but that doesn't mean your surfing history isn't being recorded by your boss or the IT guys.

        • Guest

          That's the joys of being that IT Guy. You get to disable all the logging you want for yourself LOL

      • TTjjjj

        Some computers are set up where everything you do on it need admin password so you are wrong my deuch

    • guest


  • mskris

    #31 Oh I'm in a love-hate relationship with Shane at this point, and i think he did her before Rick went into the coma, ugh can't stand the wife either.

    • Jessbuny

      I know right!!! Sundays episode was soooo good i couldn't wait for him to see her at the camp.

      • mskris

        Yea, a lot better than the second and i can't wait for Rick to find out they were sleepin together!

  • lando

    i still take in-n-out burger. sorry

    • terry burke

      no need to apologize for picking the better choice

      • DLF

        both are excellent 5 guys is east coast in-n-out is west coast.
        I believe this is the beginning of the first trans-continental burger war
        chik-fil-a beware

        • Seth

          5 guys is also on the west coast so coming from someone who has eaten both many times, In-n-Out wins

    • Logic76

      we got a 5 gays here recently…nothing special. in-n-out burger is better

  • The Boss

    1: Your'e fired and 2: She was born a boy.

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    Hey, nice frock #40!!

  • Long Duck Dong

    Would love to take #25 to Five Guys

    • dajesus

      First! ………unless of course you were referring to the restaraunt as opposed to physically taking her to 5 individual guys, which I suspect is the case, but better safe than sorry. So …first!

      • Drizzt

        Hell I'd even be willing to settle for sloppy fifths with #25.

  • Derp

    #31 – That show is great.

  • Dan

    Tia (#30) looks even better from the side! MOAR please

    • 123roasthim

      yeah, seriously, I've been waiting for months to find out who the hell this girl is

      • temp

        If they stay faithful to the comic, as it has been fairly close so far then she did not sleep with Shane before Rick was in a coma. I don't want to ruin it for any one but bad shit is gonna happen to everyone. It's gonna kick lion testicles.

        • temp

          replied in wrong place, moron.

  • Mike

    #23 never. #25, #29 and boss' daughter–absolutely.

  • J-man85

    # 23 – i would. RUN.

    • Becki

      Yeah. #23 is a DUDE… no doubt in my mind.

  • TheRealSnowman

    #3 – WRONG! I still have, and use a VCR. :p 😉

    • Catence

      I have a VCR also and I am immensely aware of the pleasure it brings.

      • Ballzonya

        Are you aware of the pleasure your boobs bring?

    • KYLE

      It's safe to assume #3 is for the teens of today, not for those of us who still have and use their VCRs. I'm using mine as I write this.

      Granted it's pretty funny to think VCRs are SOOO antiquated although on the flip side of that thought, I find it IS getting harder and harder to find blank VHS tapes.

    • McBeastie

      I still use a VCR every now and then too. How else am I going to watch all my old MST3Ks that I recorded when I was a youngin'.

  • saltygary

    I call horse-shit on #40, whos with me?

    • isawoj

      complete horse hockey, indeed.

  • DNC

    Is that tongue real?!?!?

  • http://www.facebook.com/greguire Gregory Nelson Courtney

    I wonder if that's the same Kearneysyville in #33 i live by here in WV.

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