Adorably sexy anonymous girl revealed. Meet Jessie (30 Photos)

Since early 2009 you've probably seen at least one of the photos below floating around the internet. Her name is Jessie, a 24 year-old girl currently livin' it up in Sioux City, Iowa. She's the perfect mix of cute and sexy, everything I'm looking for in a future ex-wife...

  • Maynard B

    Jessie, you are to die for.

  • HateTrader

    Looks like a whole lot of average going on here… Can't wait to not see her in couple of years, and pounds, down the road.
    Overrate much?

  • Joe Kroger

    Damn, she's amazing.

  • Spencur

    ohhhh myyyy gooood

  • Frito_Pants

    I was promised 30 photos. I see only 29. You owe me a photo, Chive.

  • Ty4

    oooh, she's pretty… pretty…. she's pretty….. very pretty….

  • Toots McGee

    Someone give this girl her own website…. no, scratch that… her own internet!! Yowsahz!!

    Bee-ute_tee-FULL!!! It's a bold statement, but this could very well be my most favorite Chivette on the planet. #24 FTW.

  • Don

    where is number 30. I am feeling cheated.

  • benito

    iowa girls so hot

  • Lookalike findee

    Anyone else think she looks a little like the sister from 10 Things I Hate About You?

  • MrMav

    pic #2 – LOVE that sexy look. Mmmm

  • @Yogeebaer

    ayayay, fuck me… wou.

  • heii


  • Emily

    Jessie… You have perfect Ta-Ta's.

    ❤ Emily from San Diego

  • reallly bored

    when do we get chive with nudity?

  • willie

    im in love

  • cool

    true, I noticed this yesterday and pointed it out….

  • Oskar


  • whoa

    She'll wear out her eyeballs by the age of 30 if she keeps those sideways looks up.

  • Sandwiches1123

    Finally, a real woman. This is what beautiful looks like. Not manufactured, just real.

  • robertdeanwrite

    I broke the like button.

  • jj cale
    • Mr McCOol

      hello chiver, how did you find that out? and are you a friend?

      • jj cale

        i am not….i just have seen this fake profile before as this person (probably some pitiful middle aged dude) is friends with some of my friends. he has dozens of fake profiles using photos of models, pornstars, etc) and makes them interact with each other!

        • Mr McCOol

          wow, that's really pathetic…. and a fake myspace page as well?

          • jj cale

            so pathetic. wish someone would call him out but i guess its not illegal. just creepy. fake blogs, twitter, and everything else too

  • Chris

    24 to 25 is the biggest difference in boob size

  • Sebi

    Didn't anyone notice that it's only 29 pictures, not 30?

  • Anonymous

    stunning, amazingly sexxxy perfect 10!!!!!!

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