Adorably sexy anonymous girl revealed. Meet Jessie (30 Photos)

Since early 2009 you've probably seen at least one of the photos below floating around the internet. Her name is Jessie, a 24 year-old girl currently livin' it up in Sioux City, Iowa. She's the perfect mix of cute and sexy, everything I'm looking for in a future ex-wife...

  • Maynard B.

    Well I just checked out and all I can say is I have witnessed absolute perfection in every aspect that a woman can possess. And to this dude she hooked up with, I hope you realize that if she ever leaves you, you'll not find anything to replace her. Right now your life is as good as it gets. If you lose her, you might as well do yourself in. Congrats on a rare find man, she seems real happy with you.

  • MingoTheJedi

    *blood shooting from nose*

  • Julius

    i think im in love!

  • flg

    i would marry this girl she is the girl of my dreams. chive you should hook me up 😉

  • Ards

    I can tell If I can see nipple or not… I have been staring at it for about 10 mins now And I'm starting to believe that I can…

  • Luca

    Wow, simply put…extraordinary beauty. Would love to take her out for a good time.

  • ITR

    WOW!!!! She is sooooooooooo HOT!!!! She is by far the hottest girl i have seen on this site!! YUM!!


    #27 and #28 MAKES ME WANT TO MOVE TO IOWA.

  • Chiveinator

    somebody hit that
    propably more than one guy
    some where out there are guy's who have hit that and they are walking among us….
    ….i just can't get over that…

  • DwonZero82

    DAMN………Just DAMN!!!!!

  • Tone

    Where the hell was she when I lived in Sewer City? Hmm. F. uck.

  • rockstar
  • thebrewha

    Dear Chive,
    As a long loyal Chiver I would very much like to see MOAR. I would pass ANY model up for her, I can tell by her eyes I could grow old with her and die happy. Moar pleez

  • Man Wall

    24 changed my life.

  • Natalie Diaz

    yo were dis jessie girl i have to ask her to do me a favor

  • George

    I'm voting to can DAR and have DAJ. Could use a taste of this each afternoon!!

  • Anonymous

    What is this girls full name?


    Jessie who?

  • @TN_Kenny

    OK I'll just go right out and say it…I can fap to this.

  • Chuz

    Jessie rocks!

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, she does porn now.

  • Michael Whiteside

    WOW!!!! you are amazing so very beautiful fantastic post!

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