Relax, all is well: Lower back problem girls (30 Photos)

  • Charlie Makarov

    Im pretty sure no 29 is a dude

    • saosinh

      I think it's pretty obvious that it's a guy. And they included it in this page as a joke.

    • Lisa_Martin

      What gave it away for ya Charlie? The belly hair?

      #8…I do believe she'll have the most lower back problems…WoW

      • Nelson Costa

        #8 i noticed that too. i feel sorry for her, wish i could hold them so she could get some relief..
        i like to be a useful person ^_^

        • LukasS

          I think your photo makes that statement extra creepy.

          • Nelson Costa

            oh rly?? and why is that?

            • LukasS

              Because you are creepy

    • wadafakutakinbout

      IT'S A TRAP!!!

    • Connor

      I agree.

  • Captain Awesome

    who's #16?

    • Stu

      Ivanka Trump ❤

      • Htownpunk

        How she came from Donald's loins is still one of the world's great mysteries.

    • Shillio

      It's eve lawrence, porno lady

    • tom

      They're all wrong. It's Jordan Carver.

  • MrMav

    OMG!!! Every one looks HOT, apart from #29 who i also think could be a bloke.
    Well done Chive!!!

  • saosinh

    #18 and #30. I needs names STAT!

  • g unit

    #1 and #3 will tie for "best of the bewbs" this week… imho.

    • JMurph72

      definitely agree. 1 of these ladies needs there own post

    • Traveling the World

      1, 2, 3… NEED MORE!

  • someguy

    First? Maybe SEcond…. Lagging comm

  • Randomthings

    Who is #17 please and thank you.

    • armchairnixon

      Jordan Carver. She needs her own post.

  • Shinfo

    6, 9 and 22 what cha gonna do! !!!!!!!!!!!!! uhh sorry thats the Nyquil acting up. They are bound for vertebral failure though. oh 13 is super hot in a "porn star wanna pound it way" too. Hmm… "Bound for vertebral failure"…. Chive I found your new lower back prob header!

  • evazen

    more #1 please. please.

    • Traveling the World

      I concur… more 1, 2, and 3… stat!

  • SpazAu

    #29 has small hands for a dude. As long as it keeps the mask on and I don't look down I'd give it a shot.

    • saosinh

      Public coming out of the closet ftw

  • radix

    # 24 and # 30, names please!

    • sidebob

      seconded.. who is #24?

      • IluvPriya

        I believe #24 is Priya Rai, a pornstar of Indian descent. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

        • Disrespect

          That's Olivia Munn you fool

  • johndory

    i would quite happily take a bullet for olivia munn to marry me…

  • Philip J. Fry

    Oh, what I wouldn't give to be a chiropractor in Chivania (my new makebelive world were chive rules all).

  • will

    #23 is hot and will be really hot if those are armor piercing depleted uranium rounds wrapped around her hot ass.

    • mike

      sorry buddy, they are innert rounds, they are only used to clear out a 20mm gun system

    • Anon

      Marie Claude borbanaiss

  • Terry Burke

    olivia munn? sorry chive but no way she belongs on this post

    • sidebob

      olivia munn needs her own post gallery

      • nolanorion13

        Do not want

    • McBeastie

      Not sure what the hell is wrong with you people. Olivia Munn is hot as hell.

  • Patrick Wichert

    olivia munn? sorry… i love her, but shell never have lower back problems. i saw her face to face. and face to

  • DarthDuckky

    Just wanted to personally thank you for 1, 2 and 3. Your efforts are very much appreciated.
    That is all.

    • Traveling the World

      I said it once and I'll say it again… 1, 2, and 3!

  • Terry Burke

    and can you give emma frain, #13, her own post?

  • Ben

    #3 and 30 moar

  • Ordinary Man

    i will do anything to marry no 28 plz if anybody knows her i am rich enough to get married and mentally sound enough to be married and i havent seen a divine beauty and inocence such as this plz chive help

    • Poot

      She looks like she's going to play the field for quite a few more years. But desperate pleading is the best way to propose. . .

    • Captain Obvious

      Ordinary Man… coming off a little strong there bud. If you have any chance I'd tame the troll level down about 5 notches and then start out by meeting some nice clean wholesome girls. Oh and try not to throw the money line around, it's gay.

  • joe1

    WHo is #5 Damnnnnnn

  • Joneleth

    Any idea who's #1, #4 and #28?

    • That Dude

      #1 is Kylie from Camwithher

    • Pirulino

      #4 is Monica Pietrasinska

  • Aytchie


  • Gutterville

    # 18 looks like Taylor swift with tits

  • stuff

    Whoa #8 must be photoshopped.
    Any idea who she is?

    • bob

      angela devi.
      not shopped.
      also dead

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