A fresh batch of mail-order brides has arrived (40 Photos)

As many of you know I think mail-order brides are a safe alternative to marriage. Most have limited English skills and they think your one bedroom ranch is the biggest house they ever saw. So here's a list of a few potentials in case browsing turns to buying.

  • uber guy

    chive's doubling down on mail-order brides today. well played

    • stafferty

      Lets make it a tradition: Mail order brides Wedsdays Thumbs—>

  • Michael

    this makes a mockery of the institution of marriage. these girls are not even hot

    • toby

      perhaps #26 will change your mind

      • Steve Lee

        Seriously… she's smoking

    • timmy

      Marriage is an instituation….Really, how much is tuition?

      • aosux

        No tuition, just need someone to commit you…because you are crazy.

    • ???

      what doesn't make a mockery of the institution of marriage? maybe marriage should be let out of the institution for good behavior and wake up to the new real world.

    • Libertariandude

      I agree that mail-order briding is not a nice. C'mon, these women are desperate enough to sell themselves over the Internet. It's grim.
      But also: they aren't hot? Seriously, 2, 18, 30 and 38 are otherwordly.

    • MikeJones

      Lighten up, Michael. Most traditional marriages fail anyway. Your odds of success going the mail-order route couldn't be much worse.

    • fibonacci5150

      nice troll

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001590566442 Ed Chapman

      Sorry, how long ago did you lose your eyesight?

    • Billy

      then how come i have a boner michael?

    • bamrocket

      Obvious troll is obvious

  • moooar.

    Wrap #30 and send it collect. Thank you.

  • BOOM

    26 and 38…BOOM

    • joeoby78

      #26…….. Epic Vag Gap……… I can tell having seen a few in my time and from the crotch valley…..

  • michael

    wrong, dumbass. the other way around

    • Chris

      nope orly is right

  • http://www.poison-ideas.com krisb

    Guess I'll be putting in some overtime this week.

  • Hwrd_Strns_Pns

    #5 look like Julianne Hough.

    • Not a Julianne Fan

      Except this girl is actually pretty…

      • Not a Julianne Fan


  • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

    4,11,13(hips FTW),29,30,31,32,38

    • ckris King

      4 FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GDL

      I agree on 13….hips, indeed!

  • no1mini

    how many of them will end up being more russian spies?

  • wattie88

    are these seriously mail order brides?

    • holy shit!

      hahahahahahahaha. probably. yes, they are.

  • Skedaddle

    Please put #2, 3, 26 and 34 on a weekly rotation for me and ding my charge card.

  • nathan

    24, 25,26 ADD TO CART! express shipping please!

  • Walla

    Can you say Green card?

  • J-man85

    do i get charged if i Fap?

  • Dunny

    "How much for the girls?? Your women, how much for your wife…your little girl.?"

    I would like to see the price tag for # 21 / 22 though.

    • Hobgoblin

      Excellent reference…

      • F U Chiveassholes

        Fuckin Jake Blues.

  • lordberic

    Going to try to get my lady to pitch in so we can have 17 all to ourselves!

    • Benny

      Silly rabbit, turning tricks is for kids.

  • aosux

    Think if I order 2 they'd waive the app fees?

    • Uh Oh

      There are FAP fees?

      • Benny

        Depends where you fap and if you're caught.

  • ???

    i'll take a number 2 and a number 33 with fries. when will that be ready for pick-up?

  • Ted Nugget

    I'll have the #7 please….

  • louis

    well here is a question for all you out there….. if your single and found out that the girl that got away became a mail order bride would you add here to your cart ????

    • mcctan24

      hell yeah, for one last hoorahhh

  • louis

    Enter text right here!well here is a question for all you out there….. if your single and found out that the girl that got away became a mail order bride would you add her to your cart ????

  • Trixie

    Wow…I'm a girl and I feel like they want to steal my money. They're great looking, but they scare me. Seems like you might never know when you'd wake up to one of 'em standing over you with a knife.

    • Benny

      sweet… role playing

      • mcctan24

        As long as I get to stab them with my knife first!

      • Trixie

        Well played sir. I suppose there is always a silver lining. LOL

  • P Diddily

    This may be the hottest mail order brides post ever! Some of these chics are built for speed. #10 looks like Yvonne Strahovski.

  • stafferty


  • JoeyJojoJr.Shabadoo

    It's amazing how terribly 'chopped some of these photos are (#18 in particular). False advertising!

    • Is It the Pixels?

      #18 does not look "shopped"

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