Bicycle airbag by Hövding -no joke (5 Photos & 1 Video)

To see more on Hövding’s work go HERE.

  • davey

    FIRST off… that is totally stupid.

    2nd… I need a coffee.

  • Captain Obvious

    I can't speak for the rest of the world BUT.. the bicyclers around here are (for lack of better words) retarded and shouldn't be given a device that could potentially save their lives.

  • oneoldman

    Ahhahaha god help you if you hit a pothole or have to hop off or onto a tall curb.

  • Kitho James

    Reminds me of pop corn!

  • WhiteVanMan


    • joe

      Evolution can't be cheated. Your statement is implying that creation and adoption of technological advancements isn't part of evolution. It is an evolved behavior to evaluate how best to use other objects in the world to preserve oneself.

      • Arghh

        shut up professor

  • Santos El Halper

    Cool…… I guess these guys have never heard of helmets.

    • joe

      Why the hating? Your comment implies that helmets are somehow the pinnacle of bike safety equipment in some way. There isn't enough information to conclude here that this isn't better than a helmet in terms of safety (I'm not saying it is). However, it does look like it has some benefits in the realm of comfort. I guess what I'm saying is why not withhold judgement until you know that this isn't better.

      Kinda a rant, I know. I just get annoyed that peoples gut reaction to new technological advancements is that the imperfect solution we currently have is adequate.

  • Baldy

    Whats wrong with a HELMET!? idiots

    • GRadde

      The idea is that this is a product for people who don't want a helmet to a) be ugly and b) not mess up their hairdo. Google it. ^^

  • The Dude

    I think it a great idea. Maybe a little too protypeish for me to use but still a great product

  • floscar

    Why in the fuck don't just wear a helmet.

  • Swede

    this is swedish,:) we heard of it like one year ago

  • youneverknow


  • youneverknow

    WTF does this have to do with an airbag helmet?

    If it's bothering you, head on over to the CONTACT page.

  • mr jaggles

    the guy in #4 is wearing M.C. Hammer pants

  • Al Adriel Hinojos

    Back in the day, many auto industries used human cadavers instead of crash test dummies.

  • joe

    You're a dick. Grow up and let people wear whatever they want.

  • tod

    yeah that was pretty sweet.

  • BloodScrubber

    The Jock Strap Airbag is stll being tested I hear. :p

  • josh

    for the "idiots"-
    -protective deceleration properties of an inflatable device are superior to standard foam filled helmets.
    -possibility of including neck protection an advantage.
    -new option for those who would never wear helmets in the first place.

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