So who actually adds a mail-order bride to cart? (13 Photos)

  • Pat

    I like the Boobs in # 6

    • Roscoe

      The smile on the girl in back in #6 is tragic.

      • Foley

        #6 is great cause he wants all ze women.

  • damon

    #4 is hot. her husband's a handsome gentleman as well.

    I'm just kidding, that's a tragedy on biscuit wheels right there.

  • Cristi Palincas

    They all look like successful businessmen…. except for 2. He looks like he's seen Hell.

    • PHil

      No, She just told him that she is packing more in her pants then him.

    • Malachi Constant

      Or he just found out how much it costs to bring one of these little treasures back to the states- even so, I love Russian girls-

      • Brand_n

        Or he's having his first erection in 25 years.

    • Black6dog

      Holy Shit that's funny!

  • trader

    that Yulia and Wayne, such an adorable pair

    • JoJo


    • shocked

      Yulia is now living in the cayman islands, and is married to mark

  • Darksoul

    There's the people showing youngsters that clubbing and going to bars is just a waste of time and money when all the broads you meet want to get drunk out of your own pocket so they can't bother to recall anything you when you shove her for five minutes. These women simply charge a year of debauchery and guaranty marriage.

  • @JayScullin

    I wonder what the return policy is for mail order brides..

    • In Soviet Russia

      I'm guessing a return policy would be something along the lines of: 30 days with receipt, affix return label on forehead with reason of return and drop off at any Post Office. No receipt is a store credit for current selling price less any wear and tear, must pay for return shipping.

  • Pokepoke

    4 and 1 got the best deals imo

  • mca

    If you guys really want to make money, add a cart to the sexy chivers among us page

    • Benjamin Dennison

      I'd buy stock in chive if they did that

      • Benjamin Dennison

        SOB it told me it didn't work

  • Dom

    Dude's with sweet staches that's who.

  • robsterling

    #7 looks like she is planning "big trouble for moose and squirrel."

  • cyphon420

    # 1 & # 10 seem to have the best taste in the wife buying department.

  • Khaki Mallard

    Out of shape…check.
    New wife's gonna clean me out in a year…check.

  • Shannon Coverdale

    Sad, sad men, who have to buy a mail order bride.

    • A$$man

      What if it was a young guy who just likes Russian girls and is sick of the skanks at the local bar?

    • Its-a me, Mario

      god forbid they did something nice just because they got the money and the balls to say they like young and russian chicks. Hell…I like young and russian chicks, just dont see any good ones for free. Now if only I had the money.

      These men are hero's. Doing something they like. Doing someone they like. I see no problems.

      • vince

        Absolutely. The biggest thing they're guilty of is having the money and freedom to do this. Statistical odds are, these guy's marriages will last longer than most of the haters on this board.

  • mattythegooch

    Thank God I'm good looking and poor-ish, than rich and fucking desperate!!!

    • vince

      and we're sure your girlfriend is thinking the same thing as you grunt and groan on top of her…

  • C-G

    #4 looks 13 o.0

    • Malachi Constant

      yea wtf is that?

  • youdummy

    Tim! You old dog you!

    • Malachi Constant

      HAHAHAHAHA, no doubt Tim's been having some good nights lately…

    • Willy Nilly

      Funniest comment on this whole page- youdummy…yourock

  • top dog

    I have nothing against this sort of thing, but I prefer to meet a woman the old fashion way. I like to get to know her before I marry her.

  • Skedaddle

    Bride #10- YUM!

  • Spiderpig615

    That is fucking disgusting!!!! A rich ugly ass and a whore that was for sale…..yep I see the love in that.

    • rawnoyz

      you were looking for love? o.0

  • skull head

    I see even Stalin likes mail order brides…

  • gator

    see money can buy you happyness

  • Boooger

    Take a trip to the Phillipines, you will see 50-60 year old white guys with their 25 year old beautiful wife. No social stigma, its just normal practice.

    • hotdogking

      lol yea i go there with my fiance and there are some real creeps there.makes u ashamed to be a white guy. lol

  • Nec

    I'd order numero 10

  • Brah

    Oh, boy. Number 1 & 2 have some plans for their wives. I'm pretty sure it involves an ax.

  • stafferty

    Does the guy in #13 look like the dad from Happy Days to anyone else?

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