• smack

    No way Indiana is represented by that horrid Parks and Recreations. We prefer an older show, the name of which was Eerie, Indiana.

    • DNC

      Remember the evil ATM? Good show…

    • Diggler

      Parks and Rec is somewhat funny. Not bad, anyway. There also used to be a show based out of Indianapolis called "Close to Home" I believe. It only lasted a season or two though.

      • clay

        'The Middle' is Indiana too I believe, but I like both shows.
        At least you didn't get 'The Waltons'.

  • DNC

    Pretty Funny!

  • iVer

    Hawaii belongs to LOST, dammit!

    • Enhor

      Except that while Lost was filmed in Hawaii, it doesn't take place in Hawaii.

  • Jessie Heaps

    Mmm, I've lived in MT forever, and I have NO idea what Buckskin is…

    • topher

      It's called google.

    • Twiner

      Get out much? Uh, well, I guess maybe you do since you're not overly familiar with your television.

    • Gregory Nelson Courtney

      same here, i lived in MT most of my life and i've never heard of "buckskin"

      i'm sure there's other shows… right?


      • Jessie Heaps

        Jesus, I hope so!
        For the record Topher: Google says it was made in 1958… this would be why I've never heard of it (I'm a little younger than that).

  • Semper

    The Manhunter? Come on Idaho, let's pick it up.

  • Ty Paige

    I'm glad Texas didn't get stuck with Dallas(tv series)

  • Some anonymous fool

    I guess somebody prefers boobies over humor, that's why Baywatch is on that map instead of Psych.

  • Where in the WORLD

    To chive; your "find her" requests are getting a tad stalkerish. The fact that you post beautiful women at their finest is amazing, and please keep on doing that. The fact that these women post themselves online is whoreish, yes. But for the guys that think, every week, that this is the woman of their dreams and they need to see more, it's getting ridiculous. All that is needed is a few request for "MORE" for you to post a name, location, and more pictures, then these soon to be stalkers are getting all they want on one website, AND they can do it from work, before they get home and really work on getting everything they need for what ever they want to do with it.

  • armstrongproduct
  • chrisdg74

    Drew Carey was the best they came up with for Ohio? What about Family Ties,3rd Rock,WKRP, Glee, Ed….?

    • McBeastie

      Really, you'd rather have Glee represent Ohio? I've got some bad news for you….

      • chrisdg74

        Not at all. I was merely mentioning other shows. I would have rather they used WKRP or 3rd Rock. I added Glee since it seems to be popular with the kids.

        • McBeastie

          Sure, 3rd Rock is a better show…but Drew really went out of his way to represent Cleveland.

  • stafferty

    They didn't do South Park in CO? That should be changed immediatley.

    Also, Gilmore Girls for CT? If it wasn't for the abundence of milfs around here I would be generally upset.

    • Brah

      What else is based in CT? We're a little state known for rich white people. The only other show I can think of is those couple of seasons of I Love Lucy.

      • stafferty

        The Beetlejuice cartoon and Who's theBoss?

        We are also known for our casinos and a lot of political corruption (including one pedophile mayor of waterbury whose father in law was part of the Gambino family).

      • hanktopia

        Who's the boss?

        • stafferty

          Yes, it was down in Fairfeild, about an hour outside of NYC

          • Brah

            No kidding? Never knew that.

  • sddsdsd

    Lost never took place is Hawaii, it was only shot there….much like Northern Exposure was shot in Washington but took place in Alaska.

  • FLHomesteader

    I think I speak for most of the Chive when I say…. Shut … Up.

  • @NGagen

    The creator made an updated version with a lot of user suggestions:

  • mipo2010

    Cheers for MA really!?!?! Come on get something newer over here!! Crossing Jordan, Boston Legal, Boston Public, Ally McBeal, Hell I'd even take Dawson's Creek or The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

    • stafferty

      People aren't always glad you came, are they?

    • Libertariandude

      Cheers is still the most famous show set in MA.

    • cpt

      no im okay with cheers over any of those shows

  • LukasS

    And you spelled "MORE" wrong. It's spelled "MOAR"!!!!

  • Alf

    ER fits Illinois better than Rosanne.

  • McBeastie

    Wish Dexter was in place of Golden Girls. But I'm glad it wasn't CSI:Miami. Miami Vice would have worked too….but then again, I don't really give a rat's ass.

  • drbeene

    I live in Albuquerque and I've never even heard of "In Plain Sight." WTF is this shit. This looks horrible.

    • Logic76

      it's another show filmed here. but, we'll take 'breaking bad' instead.

      • drbeene

        Breaking Bad is my all-time favorite show.

  • mattythegooch

    ALICE??? You couldn't have picked "Medium" for AZ….although a shitty ass show, a bit more relivent than Alice!!

  • Jimbo_slice

    how did Oregon not get the Simpsons

    • Footlong

      mainly because the Simpsons didnt take place in Oregon

      • sam

        You must not be from Oregon. Groening is from Oregon and many characters are named after streets in Portland. Also, there are many subtle references

    • greg_wire

      There's a "Springfield" in almost every state and they never tell you which one it's in. that's one of the underlying themes of that show

    • Charlie

      I'm from the future. Matt Groening just announced that The Simpsons took place in Oregon all along.

  • Anonymous

    What? South Park belongs in Colorado…

  • Alex McGlone

    Justified? I can live with that.

    • muddford

      I've lived in Alabama for 30 years and have never heard of the show "Any Day Now".

  • Kimmeh

    NY GETS SEINFELD?! How about LAW AND ORDER!? Much better show.

    • Libertariandude

      Come on, Seinfeld is huge.

    • cpt

      seinfeld might be the best comedy to have been on tv, though 30 rock wouldve been a fine choice for ny as well

  • qwerty

    Thank you chive for not degrading NJ with the fucking jersey shore, bunch of guido's from staten island giving the entire state a bad name

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