• JOhhny5

    When did North Dakota become part of Canada. Stupid internet

    • McBeastie

      Ha. Not only that, but it's a show starring Jerry O'Connoll. That's doubly insulting.

  • Benjamin Honeycutt

    Maryland got the Wire thats all good with me

  • theseatoachisel

    Breaking Bad is New Mexico not whatever bullshit that show is.

  • Breanna

    Well, we really don't have anything else in North Carolina, so Andy Griffith it is.

  • Dan

    I'm surprised they didn't go with Magnum P.I. for Hawaii.

  • McBeastie

    Nope. A quick google search revealed that it's Army Wives or American Gothic, and I've at least heard of Army Wives.

  • Catence

    I forgot we even had a show set in MN, so I'll take it.

  • 4Lions

    always sunny in Philadelphia HELLO!!! :@

  • Herb

    IL is the SImpsons you dumb fucks

    • Will

      No. Oregon. Where is Groening from? Oregon. The characters are named after streets in Portland and there are many subtle references to the state.

  • Ross Huddleston

    Dexter should have claimed FL

  • Why Not?

    born in andy griffith, raised in parks and rec, live in seinfeld. moving to andy griffith.

  • Ed Head

    Connecticut gets The Gilmore Girls??? What about SOAP or even Bewitched. God the Gilmore Girls? That was one of the worst? It's so gay, and I'M Gay, so I know.

  • tu0g0g

    Minnesota = "coach"? NO WAY "Mary Tyler Moore Show"
    Floriday = "Miami Vice"

  • Unwavering

    To Chive, please post the ip of "Where in the WORLD" We will find him ourselves and deal with this little annoyance.


  • Rico

    you forgot Due South…

  • Tony

    Seriously, Michigan can't get Home Improvement??

  • Sam

    Oregon should be represented by The Simpsons. That is where Groening is from and there are so many references to our beautiful state

  • Eric

    I would have put Married with Children in Illisnios.

  • longslideback

    You do of course realize that these girls are only found if A) They are a celebrity and someone else recognizes them from their already public profile or B) The girl comes forward and volunteers to be found.

  • 98stars

    These were my impressions:

    Michigan – Home Improvement
    Florida – Miami Vice
    Louisiana – Swamp People
    South Carolina – Eastbound & Down (stolen from North Carolina)
    Kentucky – Dukes of Hazzard (moved from Georgia)
    Georgia – Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

    Just impressions, no hard feelings…

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