A few steamy emo/scene girls to spice up your day (28 Photos)

These girls and more HERE.

  • R. Wiggum

    #11 Is my favorite !! PLEASE FIND HER !!

  • Jared

    These girls don't all seem to be "emo" – some are just hot sluts with dark eyeliner – others not at all! I thought "emo" were girls (and silly childish men) with black hair, lots of piercings, and an attitude that screams, "Sure, you can come through the back door – but I won't be home".

  • Bill

    So is it just eye make-up that makes an emo girl?

  • pranil

    no 27.. name pls?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1215440720 Bernardo Oliveira

    Amazing post. Hopefully they're not too young. That said, I'd have a lot of fun with them all. Oh yeah.

  • iprfr2flopmyntz

    19: i think barbie had an affair with a muppet

  • tuberider

    i think my nipple radar went beep at number 4

  • Shawn

    Please find number 1 amazingly gorgeous!!!!!!!

  • logan

    can i get number 19 and phone #<3

  • http://www.sportpicks.ws/ jens

    LOL underage but nice share

  • dru

    u call these girls emo??????? well you sir are an IDIOT. there are maybe 4 emo girls

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  • Anonymous

    Can i get numbah 26 and her # 🙂

  • masterbruce

    I know this post is mad old but……who is 10?!? So freakin' CUTE!!!!

  • porceline throne

    i've never before have i ever wanted to be a toilet

  • AtomManhattan

    I'd drill #11 like the Gulf of Mexico…and blame the spill on Obama.

  • Stevie

    #19 "What do I do with this other hand?? Thumbs up? Noooo. Peace sign? Too common….
    Oh I know! Ball it into a tight fist! Yesssss!!"


  • duffman0313

    #4 #10 #12 #22

  • TheyallhavetheHERPS!

    Posing in a bathroon, especially on or in front of a toilet is not sexy.

  • Jeff

    13 and 23, all the way!

  • Pimpthug

    I would love some of that young coochy!

  • dude

    who is 26?!

    1&27's name is tasha hardel.
    19 is jenna mason, who is 16.
    13 is jamie XTC
    6 is a man.

  • I want #19 number now please,


  • Random

    #23 is absolutely beautiful. What I'd do to get to date her 😀

  • elisa

    #7 #16 #19 #25 MOARR

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