Carla Gugino makes me crave spaghetti for some reason (11 photos)

PS: Dear Carla, I know you Googled yourself and found this post. Just wanted you to know we here at theCHIVE are huge fans. Sin City. Jesus. H. Christ.

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  • Skedaddle

    Yes, please.

  • fzero

    I love Carla Gugino :drool: I wish there was more of her in The Watchmen

  • stafferty

    Conversely, I'm in the mood for either melons or coconuts for some reason. (Very Sexy pics Carla)

  • 123roasthim

    Lord have mercy

  • Clickawhat

    Soooo damn sexy !

  • dajesus

    Hey Chive, stay right here. I have to go google some pictures with safe-mode off real quick, but I'll be right back. Thanks.

    • Alejandro Muchacho

      make em say uhhhhhhhhhhhh nah nah nah nah

  • guest


  • BigDingo

    Who the hell looks at this pictures and thinks "mm spaghetti"… there are at least a dozen ways to physically leave her unimpressed that come to mind before sharing a bowl of pasta with her

    • Coldzilla

      Wow dude lighten up and enjoy the pics…… =/

    • kel

      think he was referring to the italian last name

    • sixdeadelves

      I'd eat spaghetti out of her ass

  • Brandon

    Chivery, thank you for the wonderful gallery of Carla, especially Sin City! Please support me in requesting a gallery of Selena Gomez!

    • F U Chiveassholes

      Isn't Selena a child?

      • its_forge

        Eighteen and five months. *IF* the person requesting is under 24 or so it's not *too* creepy. IF.

        • ODB

          I'm 50, and I still want to see that.

          • its_forge

            She is a really pretty kid; I quite literally have shirts older than her – I'm wearing one now, it says ROACH THOMPSON BLUES BAND on the back – but I dunno if I'd object to some tasteful pics of her either. Just nothing too tawdry since my "you go home and put some clothes on young lady and get that damn makeup off your face" chromosomes would kick in.

    • stafferty

      Go to yesterday's Afternoon Randomness" and look at the comments. Everyone thinks you are sick in the head. No posts of Mickey Mouse club girls.

    • SweetAwesomeness

      seriously dude…give it up…..i personally not like being fired from my job because a page appeared on my history with a barely legal little girl!!

      • its_forge

        If your job is that closely in the balance you probably shouldn't be on The Chive at all.

        • SweetAwesomeness

          meh….its worth it….

          suck it corporate!!!!

  • Jjj

    Carla Gugino makes me crave sex with Carla Gugino

  • Coldzilla

    Ahhhhhhh Carla! Still cant figure out why you were gone after the first season of Spin City but Im certainly glad you didnt disappear for good!

  • Newman

    Wow this is really weird. I just googled her this morning because I saw her on an episode of Saved by the Bell, the Miss Bliss years. I thougth to myself, this 16 year old looks familiar, who is she, I know she turns out to be somebody HOT.

  • aosux

    I would give it to this bitch harder than Ari Gold!

    • cyphon

      agreed, loved her on Entourage. she's damn sexy!

  • equalizermax

    Me want spaghetti too

  • Roscoe

    So, um, yeah. Oh yeah!

  • chrisdg74


  • Kal15

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Bob

    #19 is perfect, she looks so horny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • its_forge

    And in spite of my rhetoric above regarding the little girl that looks like she could easily be Carla's long-lost daughter, it sure is refreshing to see a woman on here who's a grownup.

  • reallly bored

    She mads Sin City toleable. What a nice rack.

  • @Suburbsexaddict

    #3, love the '50s pin-up look.

  • TheDonger

    She is super sexy! Next time post her in HD.

  • Kyle

    Son-in-Law was awesome.

  • Northman

    So. Damn. Hot. Natalie Portman looks anorexic compared to Carla's curves.

  • SeaBassEX

    Made my afternoon 🙂

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