• Scn

    It was long over due.

  • Steeb

    Chive! Excellent choice! She looks like FUN!

  • RGH

    I forgot what I was going to write…and what are you doing reading this anyway? Did you not see the awesomeness above!


  • benbobbins

    Goddamn! I love me some Carla Gugino. Nice to see she gets props from other people, too.

  • Lisa_Martin

    So Leo. "PS: Dear Carla, I know you Googled yourself and found this post. Just wanted you to know we here at theCHIVE are huge fans. Sin City. Jesus. H. Christ." You enjoying having your very own God-I-Would-LOVE-To-Pick-You-Up-&-Do-Unspeakably-Delicious-&-Dirty-Things-To-You website? Seems to me you're happier than a shopped struttin' Leo. 😀 LOL Chive on.

  • Dan

    Sin City made my Carla dreams come true…..

  • top dog

    She got a pretty mouth, bed room eyes, and wide hipps…my kind of woman.

  • muscarius

    While Carla is definitely an italian name, Gugino is not italian at all.

  • mith

    #9 That is sexy there.

  • pant


  • Kevin

    I think she is the hottest babe in Sin City, which is saying a lot.

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