Creative advertisements that deserve my money (32 Photos)

  • Terry Burke

    i like #9

  • #26 TheChive does it again « Filtering the Visual Noise

    […] like their previous post, but there’s still some great concepts.  Check out the gallery here, and of course, […]

  • Catence

    What were these people on when they thought up some of these ads?

    • tdotbronco

      all i see is your avatar

      • Darksoul

        All I see is an attention whore.

        • Altober

          All I see is letters and pictures

          • jpj

            i see dead people

  • Its-a me, Mario

    Corporate advertising? Do you even know what that means?

    Why is it that normal people can just get their monthly salaries but when an artist is working it should just be 'for the people's enjoyment'?

  • Its-a me, Mario

    An honest heartfelt outreach to the chive editors…..

    …in the comments of a totally unrelated post.

    I get that.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Repeated in every single post.

    Life. A. Get.

    • FLHomesteader

      Oh thank you dearly Admins!

      That has been ruining my comment browsing for the last couple of days.

      (side note: Sorry Coffee, it wouldn't let me reply to Carmen Sandiago)

  • armstrongproduct

    iKLAn iKLAn YAnG KReatIf, UnIk … PEnUh MAkNa

  • bob

    WTF!!! 19 was so random…. a tongue shooting an oath basketball into a woman's ear basket….. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • equalizermax

    Very Creative

  • Coldzilla

    #1 FTW!

    THAT took some thinking and some creative work!

  • Hue Ayala

    I am confused…what is so great about these commercials/advertisements? I find it very annoying to look at something ridiculous and then try to find the tiny letters that are supposed to let me in on the joke, but which have nothing to do with the pictures…except the dog/penguin.
    I think, particularly, European advertisements are pathetic. I imagine some of these are the aforementioned.
    Please don't waste Chive space.

  • lonin

    Awesome post. I need that Hawaii Tropic Ad (#13) in HD for my wallpaper.

  • BloodScrubber

    For some reason, everyone of them looked like a condom ad.

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