Daily Afternoon Randomness (43 Photos)

  • its_forge

    #5 And y'all should know, Sanford isn't even the redneckiest municipality in Central Florida. You trek just a few miles west and you're in Lake County where they have, no joke, tried repeatedly to outlaw teaching evolution in their public schools. Sanford's the county seat of a pretty affluent little county. And Stetson University is nearby which is a pretty great little school. But yeah, you want pointy boots and guys who marry their sisters, they got those too.

  • 4Lions

    # 28 Woot im on the Chive. well that was a picture i took. 😀 P.S. not mexican, although i do admire Machete for the sole reason in which he does not text.

  • Cqcumber

    moar christina hendricks plz!!! shes my fav ginger!

  • fibonacci5150

    World's #4 dad haha

    that dudes got a rabbit on a leash

  • Robert

    #28 might be shopped, but its true that its a like a fad for mexicans to wear those pointy boots. Been seeing that since like '07, '08. Always thought it was disgusting, but girls seem to like guys who wear them. Wouldn't be caught dead in those pointy boots.

  • ludača

    I like natalie, but she's got no ass

  • NU Student

    Hey Chive, Northwestern just beat Iowa. So you can go ahead and bite me.

  • chrisdg74

    Skip step 2 on the BLT, and you have a winner.

  • top dog

    #18, you'd figure she'd feel a breeze with all her ass hanging out, unless she got a numb ass. Gives new meaning to the term "dead butt".

  • youneverknow

    #18, OR just happen to be going the same place she is…

  • Dom

    #18, at least you were kind enough to take a picture and put it on the internet before letting her know. Not sleezy at all.

  • Rolis

    LOVE THE GIF, thanks bud

  • tst4eko

    I expect a full thread dedicated to #32 in the near future, Chive….

  • Bisketz

    Where is the 2010 shot of #22?

  • Steven

    More pics of the ginger in 32! Please, please, please!!!

  • Nicnac

    #42 first, be gay… that will help in either of those fields…

  • Coldzilla

    #2 DOGS RULE!

    And probably drool too cause I know I would be……… :p

  • box

    Why are perry's legs so small in that pic? it don't add up!

  • gilmore

    #29 obvious Photoshop – letters not in plane with sign

  • Huey

    That's what you blokes like in an ass thesedays??? Bloody hell, if I wanted a woman to have the ass of a 10yr old I'd dress up as PedoBear! Same goes for that ranga (Aussie slang for redhead) up the top. I'm gunna coin a new term for that kind'a ass- AntiAss!

  • Jack MeHoff

    Portman has no ass! i hope you are kidding. neither does that ginger.
    and these girls need to stop with the pics of their "tush"… bring the ass!

  • Johnie

    Great post with lots of imoptrant stuff.

  • G1880

    tell me you got her number as well?

  • Mojofotoman

    #1 – "Who's your daddy!? Say it.." #16 <- will get you 20 Dear Santa.. #32 Her legs go on and on.. #33 Has me wondering about some of the women at my Nephew's daycare.. hmmm

  • tim

    will #32 please please marry me?

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