I can count to potato (22 photos)

  • Alister

    #11…is that henry winkler?!

  • Viking

    There is more WTF on this post than I think I've ever seen on the Chive.

  • BloodScrubber

    You just can't fix stupid, however….Hilarity makes up for some of it…lol.

  • Ken C.

    Nancy Pelosi can die in a fire, sooner rather than later. Put some ruby slippers on that wicked witch and send her home.

  • Catence

    I really want to know who was dumb enough the take the condom with the hole in it. Because you know, someone probably took it.

  • Stupendiferous.

    ROFL #10. My mother used one of those on my brothers and dad. We used to to totally bust on each other so bad when we got our hair cut, omg xD

  • Anonymous

    Shaq Fu was a great fucking game dammit. How dare you chive.

  • Brambles

    My mom used to have one of the hair catcher things in #10.

  • http://yahoo.com Thomas

    Damn that chick with the pussy lips, just plain WRONG DUDE !!

  • Flixer

    Number 12 is not cool or funny! The hippo got shot coz the motherfucking scientist testing out a tranquilliser on the poor animal, fucked up!

  • Trololol

    7 is hilarious

  • Always Last


  • wackford

    #5 KILL IT

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