• bamrocket


    • Ryan White


      • 123roasthim


    • Coldzilla

      Wow -81 rep score – I think thats a new record!

      And I think we know WHY 😉

      • bamrocket

        Bring the hate! I saw a guy today with -118 I'm trying to beat him

        • Coldzilla

          Guess if thats the only way you can find your 15 seconds of Fame………

  • sarah


    • whyisshefaumous?

      cocaine is a hell of a drug

  • Ely

    Oh no, thats so gross i almost throw up…

    • cougar

      i thought she was a ugly dude

  • Pit

    not that i find her atractive, but it was a big change

    • Matt

      I do think her face is pretty, great eye color…

  • pat

    this is one of the many reasons the chive is the best site in the world

  • matt

    ugly then, ugly now

  • tdotbronco

    from smoking marijuana to smoking crack

  • Chive Fan

    Ke$ha = fugly, no talent, flash in the pan, proof that fame has nothing to do with talent.

    There are some recent bikini pics of her and she looks like someone poured cottage cheese into a swimsuit. Nasty head to toe!

    • crazy-commie

      I concur

    • anon

      Sorry, not every woman can have a perfect body for you, sir.

  • BigDingo

    seriously, please don't help this girl by posting any more pictures of her

  • Sean

    She was a hasbeen before she even started! looser

    • Its-a me, Mario

      I bet she made enough money to relax thru her 40's maybe even further. Ugly as fudge, but she got what she needed. Relaxing in her sea side 400 square meters of prime real estate, I bet she wishes she was poor and good looking.

    • Grammar Nazi #487

      Sorry, had to say this: loser

      • ERN23

        well, after seeing the pic of her with some man juice on her mid-section. She probably is looser.

        Either way, she's a ditch pig.

  • DJwillflo

    Google Ke$ha in a bikini and prepare to vomit.

    • bamrocket


    • Ballzonya

      Well…that got rid of my boner from the things that bounce post.

    • Lol

      Lets see you in a bikini.

  • cmj

    Fuck almighty a Lakers fan don't they seem sad in a way

  • kdtc

    …..You had a point there Carmen Sandiego?

    You wake up. You get coffee. You click TheCHIVE. You see Tits and Arse, then go to work happy.

    If they happen to incite the loin fires of a stalkerish freak then they shouldn't put their pictures on the Internet for all too mooch over. For the rest of us, it's all about the pre-work T&A.

  • Luca Bellone

    my eyeeeeeeeeeees!

  • Grammer Nazi #487

    Shouldn't you be back at the rectory by now?

    • kdtc

      Naaah, but I should be getting back to not giving a shit. Have a good day my friend.

      • Grammer Nazi #487

        Sorry kdtc, not aimed at you, intended for, as you succinctly stated, Carmen Sandiego

        • kdtc


          I still haven't woken up. You have my apologies.

  • ABCtrick

    LOL, mine old photo's are also retarded, big deal. She's pretty, live the dream if she doesn't lose it.

  • Chris Crocker


  • chrisdg74

    See what crystal meth will do to you?

    • Dreamy

      I was going to say "drugs will do that" but seems you beat me by 12 mins 🙂

      My brother said she seemed to have cleaned up a bit in her newest song, but I refuse to look up anything about her.

    • JDub

      all we gotta do is sit back and wait another couple years and let the meth do it's thing and we should have a hell of a train wreck to not pay attention to

  • jimbee89

    I feel as if Kesha is a celebrity I can actually hook up with. Grade 9 me would also hook up with grade 9 Kesha.

  • DaddyD

    This wasn't interesting the first time you posted it.

  • helpermonkey

    She's a maaaaaaaaaannnnn, baby!

    …also, that "Where in the World" douchenozzle needs to come out of mom's basement for a bit for a good kick in the vag. Just saying.

  • zdrake13

    Fat then? She's fat now. She's built like a goddamn rectangle.

  • petwookiee

    Ben Folds covering Ke$ha at his concert last week 🙂

  • 123roasthim

    the only thing worse listening to her "music" is having to see her do that god-forsaken duckface in almost every one of her pictures

  • rob

    Ke$ha sucks, but seriously, does anyone look good in their nineth grade yearbook picture?? Most of the hot girls I know now looked rediculous in their 9th grade pictures too.

    • 123roasthim

      You have to be a very rare breed to have looked good in a middle school/early high school yearbook picture. I like to think that mine never actually existed.

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